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 Taking ALL your Money - $50 at a time...$Financial$ Ruin!


My $50. / min line is off to an amazing start...
My Mikey  called tonight... staying on for 20 minutes!!!
It was so much fun getting him worked up and begging for more:)

Just finished a 3 hour cam call with JC - so much fun getting him worked up,  calmed down, and worked back up again for hours:)

Sucker Scott called tonight...  sending more Target gift cards...he needs me to take all his money:)

1HotBoy back again to call and tribute:)

Tank opened his $30 pay-to-view answering his question...
i have this problem with watching porn with guys that have big ones you know does that mean im a loser??"
--- YES!!! ---- it makes you a little dick faggot loser!!!!    you'll probably go jerk off after reading this, thinking about more big cocks!  **you'll never be the hot stud with a huge cock in the videos loser!
tank: thank you goddess for clearing that up for me, i definitely cannot stop jacking off to the things you tell me on here. I saw that pic on your journal and im sitting here with a boner with precum cumming out of my dick please i would like to know what would you want me to do to amuse you.

Scottie IMed me today asking me to send him a $20 pay mail... 
$20 pay-to-view:
know what's funny.....?
you Thanked me for taking $20 from you.  LOL

scottie: I just want to make you happy.

$30 pay-to-view: $20 was nice... but
another $30 would make Me very happy :)