belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

LD called Tuesday night for his BellaDaisy fix...  I kept him on the phone for over 3 and half hours, taking more and more info and money from him.  I made him go down my listings buying all the picture emails..even the ones he already has:)  He's eventually going to give me EVERYTHING he can't say no, he can't resist, he has to do as I say;)
I sent tech another $40 pay-to-view telling him what I think of him...
he replied:
tech: hey Goddess i hope you are having a good day. i know ive said it before but i cannot stop thinking about the things you say to me and i can not stop going to your pics. i look forward to the next email and please be a mean as you would like.
Right after LD's call ended, PKR called for a fun hour long call.  He's been calling me for a few years now and I think his calls get better and better every time;)
Tuesday night started out with a couple new callers,
then 1HotBoy called to check in,
after that my Mikey called for an hour long tease and denial cam call.
1HotBoy called back again for a 30 minute ass kissing session and sent a nice $50 Tribute to go with it;)
A new caller TS called to play out his face sitting/ ass worship fantasies and left really nice feedback;)
Lozer was back tonight... he saw I mentioned him in my journal and had to call again.  I had so much fun keeping him right on the edge and begging to cum for an hour.  I had him pay my $30 (Pedicure) Tribute right away.  After humiliating him a little more I asked where he was.. he said he was calling from his bed....WRONG ANSWER LOSER!  he belongs on his knees... that cost him another $30 Tribute.  Since I was annoyed that he wasn't on his knees from the beginning I decided to make him stroke it harder (he knows there is NO cumming without permission)  Not even 20 minutes into the call and he was asking to cum... that
cost him a $50 (Pay for my night out with the girls) Tribute.  I continued to tease him for being a 30 year old virgin and he thanked me for it.  He also thanked me for making him a Phillies fan.  He was a Mets fan his whole life, but every time he looks at the pic of me in my little Phillies shirt and visor he knows he has to root for the Phils;)  Again he asked to cum and I said... why don't you send another tribute, that usually gets me in the mood to let you cum.
He paid another $50 tribute, but nope...nothing... I had no desire to let him cum;)  Keep Stroking Loser!!  I kept him on his knees begging to cum, only getting up when it was time to send a tribute from his computer. A little bit later when I thought he couldn't take it anymore, I told him to go pay my $70 (pay my cell phone bill) Tribute and ask again for permission...before I could answer him the call dropped.  
I emailed him asking if he hung up on me... he replied:
Lozer: no Princess.  so sorry.  i only have a cell phone, and the battery died.
I said ... ok good, cause if you did...I'd have to BLOCK you;)

then he sent a tribute for $1.95
 Lozer: i would never hang up on You.  my credit card is being blocked for some reason (maybe bc i added to the balance more than twice while on the phone with You), but i am sending the remaining $1.95 to You.  sorry about how the call ended Princess.

Let's see...
*$30 (Pay for My Pedicure) Tribute
*$30 (Pay for My Pedicure) Tribute
*$50 (Pay for My Night Out w/ The Girls) Tribute
*$50 (Pay for My Night Out w/ The Girls) Tribute
*$70 (Pay My Cell Phone Bill) Tribute
*$109.45  Phone Call
*$1.95 Tribute
$341.40 later...and he Still doesn't get to Cum!!!  hahahahahaha  LOSER!!!!!!!!

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