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Feb. 27th, 2008

 I told you I was a hard habit to break...

Anything Goes2/26/2008Baci3025 starsDonna is so deep into my mind and understands me so well . . . she knows how to push my buttons better than anyone on NF. Highly addictive.
Anything Goes2/8/2008tankmech5 starsI cant get enough!!! 

Fem Dommes2/19/2008tankmech5 starsShe is so addicting!!!! 

Feminization2/25/2008mikemjd245 starsPrincess knows exactly what I need. She has me addicted! The BEST!!! 

Mistresses2/25/2008jasonk20075 starsfantastic as always. beautiful, smart, and addictive. i cant get enough of this beautiful sexy woman. 
Anything Goes2/20/2008mikemjd245 starsDonna is so HOT! I can't resist her! She will get you addicted!!! 
Other2/13/2008mikemjd245 starsDonna is so beautiful... I can't resist her, I HAD to call her at $50/min... she kept me on for 20 minutes teasing and denying my cock. I'm addicted 

                                                               sweetaditcion.jpg sweet addiction [ black background ] image by juicybaaby003