belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

-Friday was another busy night on NiteFlirt... I had 6 new callers on my cam line... seemed like most of them needed to be laughed at for having such tiny little dicks.  I would never waste my time with shrimp dicks like them, they were born to be cucks;)

-I got a hold of my Blackmail Bitch RG last night.... he hasn't been able to call lately because he now has a joint account with his girlfriend and doesn't want to have to explain what NF Services is on  their bank statement. That's ok... I made him use his Amex card  and send me an Instant $50 Amazon e-card.  That was so fun, a few minutes later I made him send another $50.  It's nice having him by the balls:)
-always thinking with his dick, RG was so turned on from me taking his money that later in the night he wanted to give me more.  I was busy with a caller and had another one arranged so I wasn't able to get to him before his girlfriend got home from work.  I'll be sure to make him send more tonight though;)

-One of my long time callers "L Dallas" called last night and filled in a bunch of (always entertaining) feedback;)

-Normally I send "tank" 1 pay email a night, but I caught him online and knew I could really get him worked up without being able to touch his loser dick.  ((He uses a public computer))  I sent him email after email...
$30, $40, $50, $20, $10 before he ran out of money and time... and really just couldn't take it anymore and had to go jerk off....  he sent me a message today...

tank: Goddess thank you for the conversations yesterday, you have no idea i jacked off 3 times!! I really wish you could make me do all that!

"that" being   turning him into My cock sucking    panty wearing   ass worshipping   cum swallowing   loser  bitch!


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