belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 I had a new caller last night...  Jeff ..the powerful attorney who I quickly turned into my servant.  
I kept him on the phone for 4 and a half hours.  ((I saw 3 or 4 arranged calls through out the night... sorry I didn't get to talk to you, but I'll be back on NF tonight;))  Jeff needs me to completely control him.  He needs me to tell him what to wear, how to act, how to think, even what time to get up in the morning (I made him get up at 6:15 - I had an email from him at 6:16 this morning,  he listens very well:)

I had him pay my $30 Pedicure Tribute, 
$50 Night out with the girls Tribute, 
$70 Celll Phone Bill Tribute

With all my tribute buttons clicked  he went down the list and bought my video, Loser Assignments, and all of my picture sets:)

Jeff will do whatever it takes to make me happy.   
He tried to send an Amazon gift card, but it never went through.  
To make up for it he sent a $265 NF Tribute.
Oh I forgot to mention...  Jeff was on his knees, stroking the whole time....only getting up when it was time to add more $ or sent a tribute at his computer.    I love making him ache for me:)

Then he sent  a $455  Tribute.
He tried to send more.. he was able to sent a $75 tribute, then NiteFlirt cut him off at the $1,000 Tribute limit.

That's ok... he also spent $543. on our phone call :)
After all the money and all the hours he spent on his knees (not even being able to cum at the end of the call)  he still got up at 6:15 this morning (just a few hours after our call ended) and sent me an email checking in:)
***"Thank you for your wonderful ownership and control.  It is truly a magical thing and I am blessed by your attention and guidance."

Scott was back this morning...  I congratulated him on being able to stay away for almost a whole week.  It was a nice try Scott...  but we both know you can't help it...  you need me... you crave my tease and denial.

Ian was back today too....  he arranged a call last night.. but since I was on with my servant Jeff till almost 3 am,  I didn't get to talk to him.  I'm glad Ian called back today though...  ready to go with his toys... pumping away as I told him to.

Lil dick Larry called last night (his 3 1/2 inches is the size of my lipstick tube) with more stories of how his wife needs bigger cock.  There's no way she'd every be statisfied with his lil thing...  no wonder she's out getting it somewhere else;)


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