belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

After spending over $1,500. on me last night, my Servant Jeff was back tonight....  checking in, trying to find new ways to make me happy;)
Cuckoldberry Jay was finally able to sneak away from his wife long enough to call.  He turned the ringers of the house phones off and was hiding in his basement back by the water heater. LOL  He's not attracted to his wife at all wants to give me everything... spoil me with tributes and presents...  money that could be spent on her, he wants to go all to me:)   He's a little dick, cock sucking fagboy  who is lucky to be able to serve me.
Financial Domination3/11/2008cuckoldberry finn5 starsThe Beatles said it best "She's the kind of girl you want so much It makes you sorry Still you don't regret a single day." you will never regret spending ypur hard earned money on Donna 
Financial Domination3/11/2008cuckoldberry finn5 starsmy first live call with my goddess.....soooo worth the $50 for the call and $40 dollar trbute during the call....the best half hour of my life. goddess says i am now 100% hers.,,,submit you will not regret it, if you are thinking of putting down a downpayment on a life of humiliation and servitude, spend no where else but here....only Goddess Donna (BellaDaisy22) deserves your money, not you, not your wife and certainly not any other nf dommes...only goddess will do. 
Foot and Shoe3/11/2008cuckoldberry finn5 starslove paing for my goddesses pedicure...she deserves no less 


  1:30am...  Cuckoldberry Jay just emailed me:
"thank you so much are sooooo right i am a cock sucking lil dick loser who is lucky to serve you...i am trying to up my credit limit right now...apparently i only have $10.25 left on the card."

* So what's a Princess to do???  Send a pay-to-view email of course;)

PTV: $10:25   Every thing you have...
I want it all cock sucker!

CJ: "thank you sooo much for taking it goddess...i was gonna try and see if i could call for five mins but whatever goddess wants she gets.
i love how your mind works this ppv made my cock twitch"

3:30am  CJ:   i just read what you added to your journal "so whats a princess to do, send a ppv email of course"   that is why i love you. so greedy, so sexy.  i think this is the beginning of a long financial partnership

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