belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 Loser Brandon called tonight...  begging me not to take all his money because he needs to pay bills...  I said yes, you do...MINE...  he was begging to cum, but NO I didn't let him...  I had him call back at $6/min and beg some more;)  After I thought I had enough of his money I did let him go away, crying ;)


Shins was back for more forced intox....  I'm not sure that was his plan, but after I saw he opened up a paid mail he missed last week I suggested he get a drink.
He was sipping on a beer finishing up some stuff for work, but I told him Vodka was much more fun;) ... and the pay-to-view mails started:)

  No, not nearly as much fun as vodka.  That was such a wonderful night - I remember getting so drunk and so eager to do anything you said.    I would absolutely love a picture of you holding up a sign close to your breasts that says "Haha.  You'd rather jerk off to these than have sex with your wife!"

after a few more paid emails I told him I would take it, but I was about to get a NF he'd have to wait;)

Shins:  It is utterly humiliating, that I know.  I just can't get the fantastic image of your breasts out of my mind. 

and then I got another call... so he had to keep waiting....and drinking...and paying:)

Shins:  Yes Goddess, I'm taking another shot, but my wife is calling for me so I have to go soon.  Will you please take the picture?  I'm begging you on my hands and knees.

and waiting some more...

Shins:  I am so amazingly erect at the idea of seeing this picture.  It's going to be bad because I'm going to cum as soon as I see it and I think my wife might want to have sex tonight...

Shins:  Goddess, I can't wait to see it.  You're so amazing and those breasts have me enslaved.

$75 later....    
Shins:  Holy shit, that was so amazing.  Thank you so, so much Goddess.

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