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Mar. 21st, 2008

 Thursday night started out with my Sucker Scott calling so I could take more of his money;)

Then Chicago Mikey called... to tell me more about  his humiliating wrestling adventures.  He's such a weak ( little dick) loser, he doesn't stand a chance;) 
chicago mikey5 starsomg we had SUCH a great talk last night...we talked about one of my fav subjects, which is how her boyfriend is a REAL man (what else would you expect, being with a princess like Donna?), and i am NOT a real man at all...it was soooooo humiliating and fun...i would follow this girl to the ends of the earth (lol) 


1Hot Boy called a couples times and sent a nice tribute:)

LD called last night... he's been trying very hard to stay away...  but in the end.. he knows he needs me.   He can't say no to me... when I tell him to drink.. he does... when I tell him to give me more info on him, he does... and when I tell him to add more money to his account... he knows he has to:)

Tank, my cuckold loser sent a $100 tribute begging me to humiliate him some more.  I wrote him an email letting him know what I think he'd be good for...  I woke up this morning to see he sent another 100:)

*Loser Mike from Chicago : the flip flops you got me came today.. thanks lil dick;)