belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

My  Mikey called tonight for a very fun 2 hour call:)

Shins emailed me tonight...telling me about his brief moment of stupidity...
Shins:  Goddess Bella, i am so sorry as i've been straying to other nf mistresses lately.  Then, I had an epiphany.  for one, i think the person i was e-mailing was a guy - that's a turn off.  then, i realize that the pics i had purchased weren't actually the person.  I think I now know that you are probably the only authentic person on nf and you showed me that with the picture you took.  I truly appreciate it.  I will go to no other people from now on, i promise.  Yours - mind, body, and soul.
$5. pay-to-view: Don't ...
let it happen again!!!!! AND......  you think were talking to a man! - or at least a fake girl!???
LOL...that's what you get for straying!
Shins:  I mean, I was an idiot, thinking that all of the pictures were actually the person.  That's plain stupid.  Plus, once you step back and actually look at what they're saying, it's evident they have no clue what they're talking about.  I've learned my lesson and I hope you're gracious enough to talk to me again.

$5. pay-to-view:  Idiot !
Shins:  Please, please don't get mad at me Goddess Bella.  I feel so ashamed.  I only want you.
$10. pay-to-view:  that's what you get!!
Shins: I'm so sorry!  I mean, I'm the dumb ass here, but please take me back.  I know I'm not worthy to ogle your pictures, although that's all I can do, you're clearly too good for me. 
$10. pay-to-view: CLEARLY!
Shins:  Please Goddess Bella, I'm begging you on my hands and knees to take me back.  I will never get over you and I will never stray again!
$10. pay-to-view: do you think...
u deserve it ?
Shins: I think I crave your attention so badly and I know I've been bad but I promise to never do that again.  I promise to do more forced intox PTVs with you in the coming weeks.  I'm so sorry.  I just want you to tell me what to do and for me to pay you for it.
$10. pay-to-view: Shame you strayed..
I was going to send you new pics;)
Shins:  Oh Goddess Bella, I'm so sorry and I would do anything for those pics.  I have to go to bed now and I will be thinking of you and dreaming of you the entire time.  You're my walking fantasy and I can't lose you.
$10. pay-to-view: since ur going to bed
I might let you see them;)  tomorrow
Shins:  Can I please, please, please see them now?!  I'll do anything.

$60. pay-to-view: 2 new pics;)
Shins:  So, so incredible.  I'm never straying again.  As punishment, I'm going to self-imposed chastity in your name and I'll bring myself to the edge to your pictures every day until you allow me to cum.


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