belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

My little sissy slut Damian called for more humiliation on cam while his girlfriend was out.   He was calling from his gf's bedroom, so I had him put on one of her thongs and some make up.
He had 2 brushes ready....  a silver paddle brush that I made him slap his ass with over and over again... and a pink handle brush that was perfect for demonstrating what a good cock sucker he is.  Oh I almost forgot the rubber bands I had him tie around his cock and balls and the clamps on his nipples:)  I had fun laughing at him as I made his ass redder and redder,  and having him pull one of the rubber bands as far out as he could, then letting it snap hard on his balls;) lol

Loser Nate was back again... he sent another $30 (pay for my pedicure) Tribute... but that wasn't enough, so I had him send another $30:)

I signed on tonight to see Shins sent a $20 tribute...just because;)

Chicago Mikey called 3 times tonight... we were talking about ways to humiliate him if he comes to Philadelphia.  We decided he should have to put on the full Hooters uniform when we go out to dinner and we can give him a girly name.  First he said Michelle, but I didn't think it was girly enough to he came up with Shelly.   So I told Shelly that  he'll have to practice using a hula hoop because I want to see him up there with the other Hooters girls working the hula hoop;) ((If you don't know what I'm talking about just Google Hooters hula hoop)))    One embarrassing trip to Hooters isn't enough though... so I told him I'm sure there will be some cock sucker for him to do later that night as well;)  
chicago mikey5 starsPrincess Donna is the most authentic advisor i have ever spoken to. You never EVER get the feeling that she is bored or disinterested in your conversation (although if you think about the law of averages...) Honestly, it feels like she is in the same room with you...does it get any better than that? (lol) 


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