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 Loser Mark was back again last night...  after opening a couple pay-to-view mails he couldn't take it anymore and had to hide in the downstairs bathroom to sneak a call while his wife was upstairs in bed.  I wonder if she has any idea what a PATHETIC LOSER he is ???

1Hot Boy stayed at my feet all night long while I took calls last night, then sent a nice tribute before he went to bed;)

Chicago Mikey has a very busy and humiliating weekend ahead of him...  I'm sure he'll be sending pictures soon;)
Mistresses4/8/2008chicago mikey5 starsOne time i tried not calling her for a week and it was sooooo hard (that's what she said - "The Office" reference)...lol 
Mistresses4/6/2008chicago mikey5 starsPrincess brightens my nights and gives me something to look forward to during my days...;-) 
Mistresses4/6/2008chicago mikey5 starsomg, i LUV making Hooters plans with Princess...us big booby girls gotta stick together <giggle>... Shelley (a.k.a. chicago mikey)