belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Last night before I went to bed I sent "jt" a $10 pay-to-view mail that said:
Stroke....!  while you stare at pics of my pretty feet;)
want me to take pics for you?
I signed on this morning to check my email just as jt was opening my email...
so I sent him another...
$5 PTV - Subject: jt
I love watching you open my pay mail.....
it's so much fun;)
jt: I thought you were away I would love to see your sexy feet goddess
$10 PTV- Subject: LUCKY you...
I love watching you open my pay mail.....
I just happen to sit down to my computer when you opened the first mail....
I'm sure I could take some pics for you...   what would you like ?
jt: I would love to see your sexy feet in high heels.  I want to worship you so bad.

$15 PTV- Subject: GREAT...
jt: I want to worship you so bad.  I would love to just lay at your feet and do as you tell me
$20 PTV - Subject: I'm
you know your place;)    at my feet is where you belong!
jt: I am so grateful let you allow me to serve you
$25 PTV - Subject: I want
kneeling at my feet... begging for permission to kiss them!
jt: please let me kiss your perfect feet princes I know I am not worthy and could not even talk to you without paying you but I need to worship your feet so bad please let me worship them

$40 PTV - Subject: I'll have to think about it...
tell me...
how'd you like to worship my beautiful feet if given the chance.
jt: I would love to clean every pair of heels you have both inside and out then if I was lucky enough I would suck on each toe and lick in between each toe until they are perfectly clean.

$50 PTV - Subject: That's a good start...
I have over 70 pairs of high heels alone...  you're going to have to work hard to get to my feet!
jt: That would be so great for me I would love to smell and lick those heels I can only imagine what your wonderful feet smell like.  Can I please see them princess
$50 PTV - Subject: you want to see them...
I'll take a pic now...
jt:  thank you so much I need to cum so bad you are raping me so bad but I just cant stop.
$50 PTV - Subject: NO
you can't....and yes...
I am...  I LOVE taking your money!!
uploading the pics  now.....

$50 PTV - Subject: READY???
jt: yes please
$50 PTV - Subject: Re: READY
you didn't tell me how bad you need to see the 3 pics I just took for you in heels with my french pedicured toes with my digital camera... and how bad you need to cum?????

jt: I need to cum so bad princess please I want to see your feet more than anything please let me
$100 PTV - Subject: pics
 008.jpg picture by belladaisy27  016.jpg picture by belladaisy27  003.jpg picture by belladaisy27
you didn't ask permission to cum yet!

$425. in pay-to-view mails later...

jt: OMG thank you so much may I please cum princess you have fucked me over so bad today it started so low and now I am paying you hundreds you make me feel like such a loser

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