belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Friday night was super busy...(I had calls arranged and guys IMing me on Yahoo trying to pay more per minute if I got off the call I was already on.  NO... I wouldn't hang up on one caller for another, but  thank you for arranging calls... I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to some of you.

I was off to a great start with the over $400 jt spent in the morning....  then when I signed on at night  my cbt sissy boy Damian was ready to call.  Normally he calls from his girlfriend's apartment, (puts on her lingerie and make up)  but this time we was home alone... and actually had more sissy wear to choose from.  I had him do a few outfit changes for me.  He started out in a matching pink bra and panties, lipstick and blush and pink stripper heels.  He had long pink ribbon so I made him cut it and wear it as a headband.  Rope tied around his sissy dick and balls, rubber bands to snap on his dick, binder clips for his nipples and balls, a candle stick up his ass, and a big wooden spoon to smack his ass with till it was  nice and red.  When I got tired of the pink lingerie I had him put on a French Maid outfit - complete with black fishnets, black heels, and garter.  He went into the kitchen and found a big banana to show me what a good cock sucker he could be.  After a lil more humiliation, and changing into a different pair of pink panties I heard his roomate come home and watched him jump up to make sure no one was coming in and hang up our call.  He quickly IMed me to say he would call right back, but had to whisper...  I couldn't help but laugh at him...  what's the matter Damian???....don't want anyone to know you're a cock sucking sissy fag???
He called right back ....and was wanting to cum...  sure Damian... go ahead... lay down on the bed - legs up on the wall.... and make a big sissy mess alllll over yourself!  
5 starsIncredible. Got me to do things I never thought i'd do. i want to beg to worship her ass or legs and suck more cock for her in the future.


After that little dick Ian called for 2 hours of humiliation, with his pump up butt plug ready to go. lol   I had a lot of fun teasing him because his ex-wife preferred big black cock over his little thing.  He and his wife have something in common...  they both can't get enough of the big black dick!

I'm off to the casino to play  with your money;)   I'll be on NiteFlirt later tonight;)

you boys are seriously slacking on the feedback...  
but, I appreciate all the great feedback from these loyal callers;)

Financial Domination4/12/2008One Nice Guy5 stars 
Mistresses4/8/2008chicago mikey5 starsJust take a look at all the fetishes she accommodates - feet worship, cross-dressing, CBT, financial domination, and many more...this is one well-rounded girl, fellas, and if you call her you WILL get hooked, no matter what your tastes are... 

Feminization4/10/2008Key4005 stars 

Sex4/9/2008Fontaxis5 starsVery nice voice,great conversation will call again soon. 
Anything Goes4/8/2008mikemjd245 starsBella knows just what I need! She's the best!! 
Feminization4/4/2008One Hot Boy5 starsAlways makes me worship, kiss, and adore her... right where it counts!! My honor, privilege, and duty!! (sigh of contentment) 
Sex Toys4/7/2008sonny775 starsvery sweet 
Financial Domination4/3/2008mikemjd245 starsi want to give Princess Donna EVERY THING! 
Foot and Shoe4/5/2008Linguini985 stars 
Financial Domination4/4/2008shinsfan815 starsTruly the best in every way imaginable.  
Oral Sex4/4/2008Virtual Adept5 starsShe sounds so sexy. Bella always leaves me happy. 
Financial Domination4/4/2008peterpetiepete5 starsAdorable voice! Humiliating -- yet arousing -- words. 
Fem Dommes3/22/2008One Hot Boy5 starsA Loser for Princess BellaDaisy- is a BIGTIME winner! Like the saying.."membership has its privileges"! Try it! It might just end up being VERY LUCKY DAY! Now go figure that one out, and if you do, your cock will be singing!!! 
Financial Domination3/21/2008One Hot Boy5 starsI just sit and pout when my Princess torments me with her stories of her sexual exploits! Of course, getting juicy tidbit crumbs (bits and pieces) of her real life adventures doesn't come without a price!! Thats all I gotta say! My balls will attest to that!!!! 

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