belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

More wishlist presents from Lion arrived today:)

My Mikey called for over 3 hours of teasing Sunday night.

I had a new caller "houseboy" for about 2 hours.

Another new caller a "Chicago slave"  called my cam line for some cbt, forced intox,  and to be made into a cock sucking sissy boy.  

My "lozer" called again...  before he called he bought Loser Assignment  #1 and 2, and sent a $30 (pay for my pedicure) Tribute.   Lozer knows to be on his knees when he calls.  I usually  tease him and make him edge for about an hour...  but last night the loser only lasted about 20 minutes before he came (without permission)  so that cost him a $50 tribute.

Chicago Mikey  bought a book and my Dior lipgloss from my wishlist today.  He has something in common with the gloss... 
they're both  only 3 1/2 inches;)  dior-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27
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