belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

A new caller... Loser Josh...bought some of my pictures, then called.  I had fun teasing him while making him edge and send tributes during out 45 minute call.  First I made him send a $30 (pedicure) Tribute, but that wasn't enough... if he wanted to cum he'd have to send more...  so he sent a $50 Tribute (much better)....  but I still wasn't ready to let him go... so he sent another $50.  After having to add money twice... he was running out... but really needed to cum...  so I let him empty his account with a $15 tribute before I let him go;)

Loser Neal sent a $50 tribute while I made him stroke and get "blue balls for Donna"

Hawaiian hottie was back for another fun half hour cam call;)

I have another new caller who's been calling me a few nights this week... "GoodGirl" needs to be my cock sucking whore...  He'll do anything to serve me and work for me:)

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