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Despite all of NiteFlirt's glitches... I was super busy Saturday night...  so busy that I ended up taking calls till 6am.
I made Lion "edge" 30 times while he bought me some more wish list presents... I've been having callers buy me presents just about every day the past few weeks, it's getting a little embarrassing...  the Fed ex and UPS drivers call out "Donna Marie" when they pull up to the house and my dogs are out in the yard - so I have to go to the gate and meet them and my neighbors hear them say things like "see ya tomorrow" - or on Friday it was "see ya Monday"
 like it's a given I'll be getting packages every day.. lol  ((not that I'm complaining - I love being spoiled))
yc called, he asked me to put on my Hooters tank top, so I raised the rate to $5/min on him;)

Loser Mike from Chicago sent a tribute, then called while his wife was out.  Loser Mike was extra pathetic last night... while watching bi-porn he broke out a jar of Vaseline and started humping it.

((( but that's probably the third time he said he was "never coming back again" lol ))
 While all that was going on with Loser Nate, Shins emailed me asking for some forced intox... which of course meant a lot of PPV mail:) 
 Loser Nate sent a tribute around 1am.... he only had a little bit of money because rent is due, but I made him tribute anyway...  I randomly picked a $40 amount and told him to send it.  I figured that would be it cause I know he didn't have any money to spend, but a couple hours later he came back and asked permission to send another $40:)   which soon turned into another $40 and another $40 and another...  at this point he knew he was in trouble and wouldn't have any money to eat or pay the rent...  but being a greedy, spoiled Princess... I didn't let him go until I too one last tribute... for $60.    Of course after spending $260 just to be able to cum, he said he was never doing that again.. and wished me good luck etc...
Shins: How you doing tonight?  Catch the Phils game tonight?  Any time for some forced intox?

-I didn't get to watch the game... I've been too busy on here...but...  there is always time to make you DRINK...  go...
Shins: Thank goodness.  I went to the game last weekend - Saturday, and secretly hoped that i would see you, not that you'd know who I was.
-I had tickets to last Friday's game...  and I was wondering if one of my callers would see me (and I wouldn't know what they look like)

Shins: So funny.  That's gotta be kinda weird, knowing that a lot of other people could know who you are - but then again, i'm sure most guys would just wilt if they say you and wouldn't make it known.

-yea  and they can't be like...  Hi "BellaDaisy" I know you from NITEFLIRT  when they're with friends/ family...
Shins:  Exactly.  I mean, to be honest, if I saw you, my heart rate would go crazy but I probably wouldn't say anything.  I like to think that I'd be able to sneak off and give you like $100, but that might not be able to happen. 
$5. PTV: we can start out small ;) lol

Shins: Thank you so much for starting out small - you're so good at this it's crazy.

$5. PTV: so tell me...
what are you drinking?
Shins: Well I'm drinking beer and vodka tonight.  I have a lot of beer and a 5th of vodka
$10 PTV: what are you starting with?
Shins: I'm just drinking beers (I'm on my 6th or so) right now but I'll do whatever you tell me of course.  What'd you do this weekend?
$10 PTV: make it 7
Shins: Yes goddess, I'm doing that right now.
$10 PTV: I didn't do much this weekend...  I had carpenters and painters here Friday and today... and again tomorrow.... I went out shopping and to lunch with friends today... but I've been on here at night.     you ?
Shins: Nothing really.  Lots of work-related stuff.  Watched the NFL draft.
I waited... and waited... and waited some more for the Eagles to pick...  then I had to go out... so I never saw who/what they ended up with.
Shins: They traded down a lot, which was frustrating.  But they ended up with a good defensive linemen and a WR.  So not a bad 1st day.
$10 PTV: just a reminder:
Shins:  So what exactly is your bra size?  Do you have an amazon list that I can buy you stuff off of?
$10 PTV: great idea
Shins: So how exactly does it work?  I buy you stuff off of it and it arrives a couple days later?  Do you see my address and stuff?
$10 PTV: no - I don't get your address... 
you just pay for it... and they ship it ;)
still drinking?

very much so - now I'm looking at what to buy you :)
$10 PTV: so which ....
is it now.. beer or vodka?

Shins:  It's completely up to you - everything is in your hands.  I truly wish you had the key to my chastity cage.
$10 PTV: are you in one?
Shins: No, I'm not.  Although would it be weird if I put myself in one and mailed you the key?  Would that be the first time?
$15 PTV: first time?
NO --  I've had a couple in chastity (non NF callers)
Shins:  I had no idea - I'm relatively new to that fetish...
(there was it a little break in the
$15 PTV: still here????????????
Shins: Of course :)  I just got up for a second, although I'm fading fast.  I worked too much this weekend - I might have to be lame tonight.
$20 PTV: ---MAYBE------------
you need to switch to VODKA;)

Shins:  yes goddess - i will.  

$20 PTV: MUCH BETTER........
($165 for a few emails... not bad;) 

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