belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I  have about 5 days to catch up on....

Thursday night Lion called and I made him edge and send tributes... every time he edged about 10 times I made him send another tribute ranging from $30 - $50.  He ended up sending $190 in tributes and bought some things on my wishlist.  When he got to his 70th "edge" he couldn't take it anymore and  said he was going to bed.   20 minutes later he was back begging for more because he couldn't sleep with the pain in his aching balls...  I was feeling nice and offered to let him pay a cum fee, but he already gave me all his money.  All he could afford was another $30 tribute... but with that all I let him do was edge some more;) lol

After that My Mikey called for an hour long cam call:)
mikemjd245 starsI can't get Princess Donna out of my head. She will completely take over your mind, cock, and wallet before you know what hit you. I want to give her everything. 

Friday morning I signed on for a little bit and got a call from my very first caller...Scott... you can thank him for telling me about Keen years ago;)  We had a nice chat and I thanked him again for suggesting I try out Keen.  We laughed at how things turned out... 4 years ago I didn't know half of these fetishes exsisted... now I have a huge Submissive following, I love Dominating men,  and am making tons of money from all my little pets;)

Lion was back again Friday night... he knew he shouldn't take the chance since his wife was home, but couldn't help himself.  After making him edge 80 times the night before he said he couldn't stop thinking about me and needed more.  After he edged 30 times he was trying to go, but I wouldn't let him..  instead I made him send $60 in tributes and buy more presents from Amazon.  After edging over 40 times he just signed off....
Saturday night he came on to apologize -- said his wife walked in...   I didn't mind, I figured that's what happened and knew he'd be back anyway;)

Chicago Mikey called for more teasing...  I have big plans for "Shelley"
chicago mikey5 starsnow i'm scared b/c Princess is gonna make me wrestle one of her guy friends...she says he's short with a BIG dick...kinda the opposite of me :( 
chicago mikey5 starsOne of the many things that makes Princess sooooo great is her attention to detail. You tell her something during one call, and she not only "gets" it...she REMEMBERS it...she's very, very good at what she does! 

My sissy slut Damian was back on cam entertaining me for about an hour and a half....    we did a little cbt with rubber bands, clips, paddle brushes, hot wax, bananas, and a few other things.  I made him dress up in his gf's slutty lingerie,  put on her make up and show me what a good cock sucker he is. 

While teasing my London Loser and making more videos of him... I made him send $420. in tributes.....making it $920. I took from him this week.  After that I decided to turn off NiteFlirt and go out with friends.

Lion was back again Sunday night...  he said he was out of money ... but needed my attention... so I told him I was sure he'd find a way to make me happy....    and he did... $100 Amazon gift card and a couple gifts too....    he couldn't resist... he knew it was going to cost him a lot in overdraft fees, but he needed to be teased and edge for me.  It's been a while since I let him cum... and since he doesn't get paid till the 15th, looks like he has a way to go;)

Chicago Mikey called again  for a little more humiliation;)

One of my "Scott's" called tonight... he tries so hard (like so many of you) to stay away, but it just doesn't work;)  He was able to make it 1 month before giving in and calling....    I wasn't letting him off easy though... since he waited so long to call me  I enjoyed teasing him, getting him all worked up, then not letting him cum:)  I made him get to the edge and stay there for over a half hour (which I'm sure felt like longer to him) before letting him go. 

My Mikey called again tonight for a fun hour long call;)

LD was back again tonight...knowing he has to give me whatever I want.  He gets so weak for me, he gave me the power to ruin him....  but teasing and controlling him is much more fun;)


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