belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I spent most of the night on a cam call with Owned Adam that lasted about 3 hours.   Just like Monday night, we went into chat rooms so I could find a new cock for fag boy to suck.  He's away on business - about 6 hours from home - so it was the perfect time for me to whore him out without having to worry about his wife getting in the way.

5 starsMistress Donna is so powerful she has really pimped me out tonight. I am enthralled and enslaved by her power and can only do as she commands me to. 

5 starsThank you so much for controlling my every waking moment Mistress Donna.

Chicago Mikey called.... to be humiliated I'm sure.... but we ended up talking about things like... The Office (my favorite tv show), books we're reading, and a few other things.. I'm sure "Shelley" will be calling back very soon  so we can get back to cock sucking and breast smothering ;)

Little dick loser Phillip called... he's extra pathetic - so I kept raising the rate on him from $2 - $4 - $6/min  while he was humping the floor for a half hour.  naked and humping the floor (told ya he was extra pathetic)

-Oh that reminds me of another Loser... (Loser Scott/loves feet)  ((more like LovesCock))- who was back again - humping the floor  and dreaming of being a sissy fag in his pretty pink dress.

KG was back to worship my feet on cam for about 25 minutes.  I haven't heard from him in a few months.  Last time he called he was laying on the floor of his garage, hiding from his wife behind his car with his laptop and cam set up.  This time he was back to his usual hiding spot - the back seat of his SUV.  He was stroking away as I teased him with my French pedicured toes.  I told him since he loves my feet so much he should pay for a predicure ($30 tribute) - he was begging to cum after that - but I was having too much fun to let him go so soon.  I made him send another tribute - he sent $30 again, but that wasn't good enough... it ended up costing him $100 in tributes before I finally let him cum:)   Tonight's call cost him about $175,  but he said it was definitely worth it;)   I look forward to talking to him again - as the months get hotter and he's dying in the back seat with all the windows up begging for release;) lol

Loser Mike from Chicago called while his wife was away over night.  Mike's at home watching gay porn and calling me while his wife goes out to get fucked by other men.
5 stars100 stars as usual, really gets into roleplay-love her! 


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