belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 Thursday I had a new caller... we talked for over an hour about the idea of me and his wife in a cat fight... meow;)

Then Chicago Mikey called for an hour  - the sexy lingerie he bought me arrived.  We joked that it was a win-win-win (The Office) situation...
he was just happy to be able to buy it for me... 
5 starsomg, what kind of little-dick loser buys sexy outfits for Princess to wear for OTHER guys?...oh, (lol) 

My loyal pussyboy..1HotBoy surprised me with a $150 Tribute:)  I've been extra busy with new callers lately.... looks like a little jealousy on his part works out well for me;)


Friday was another super busy night... 

My foot $lave jt opened $70 in pay-to-view emails...  he never got to cum or open the pics of my new red stilletos that he was dying to see - his wife probably walked it ((ugghhh  those wives always getting in the way;) lol  

Then Chicago Mikey called for more humiliation...
5 starsevery time i see a pic of Princess Donna, i am mesmerized by the thought of her smothering me with her bee-yoo-ti-ful breasts, rendering me unconscious and sending me to la-la land...zzzzzzzzzzz 

 5 starsomg, i've created a boob smothering, facesitting monster! last night Princess perched herself upon her throne (a.k.a. my face) and asked me all kinds of humiliating equally humiliating answers were all muffled...i wonder why? (lol) 

Owned Adam called again... I wasn't expecting to hear from him again so soon after our 3 hour call on Wednesday, but he was eager for me to continue my search .....
So if there's anyone in the Oxford Mississippi area looking for a blowjob...  fagboy Adam is ready and willing - he's 25 -   6ft  -  195 lbs -    dark blonde hair  and   green eyes ....   Adam will be waiting - naked - on his knees with the hotel door cracked open...  

After that my sissy slut   Damian called to entertain me on cam with a lil cbt and cross   We picked out some pretty purple lingerie for him to slip into.  He put on his slut red lipstick and got to work on his dildo ((that I had to force him to buy online a couple weeks ago - he was soooo scared his room mate would open his mail - but I made him buy it anyway))  He was sucking away for a few minutes when I realized his little sissy dick was hidden in his panties.  I made him tie up his balls and dicklet with pretty pink string, then I had him use the extra to make a headband.  Next came Damian's favorite ((ok least favorite;) clips on his nipples and balls...and can't forget the rubberbands around his dick.   I told him to grab his long wooden spoon and start smacking his ass cheeks... going back and forth from side to side....  I could tell the pain was getting too much - so I had him suck on his dildo to take his mind off it...  sucking and spanking     sucking and spanking...   so I doubt it took his mind off the pain - but it was really humiliating  and that made me laugh at him even more.  He can't stand the nipple clips very long... I let him take them off - but that cost him a few snaps of the rubberband:)  His roommate came home so he quickly hung up, but called right back and said he'd have to type so his roommate didn't hear him and come in.  Since he had to be quiet, I made him grab a marker and write "I Suck Cock for Donna" on his chest and stomach.  Then it was time for an outfit change...  he was looking like Britney Spears with his torn fishnet stockings and smeared lipstick.....   then back to sucking on the cock...... Damian's not ready for real cock yet... but I can tell he'd be good at it... showing so much attention to the head and balls;)
Normally I let sissy fag cum (lying upside down and making a mess all over his face)  but I decided to make him wait.
5 starsIncredible. i admitted and realized i was completely controlled by Mistresss Donna and would literally do anything She wanted. She is amazingly hot in all ways and prefectly evil. She has gotten me to do things i thought i'd never do.

Slave Jon/miles sent a tribute and arranged a cam call.  It ended up being another long night - on his knees - stroking and tributing while I teased and denied him.  
5 stars      Another wonderful call with beautiful Goddess Donna. She is intelligent, gorgeous, and has a   terrific sense of humor. Absolutely the best there is on NF 
5 starsGoddess is beautiful, intelligent, funny- she is the best thing about NF. 

I was about to sign off for the night when My Cuckold called...  at first I didn't recognize his voice because he was whispering...  but then I realized it was because he was downstairs hiding from his wife.  I was having so much fun teasing him - making him my clean up boy - but kept having to stop as his wife was walking around...  I finally said, just put her on the phone so I can tell her what she's missing....   how much you'd love for her to go out and get fucked by other men!  Well that put him over the edge as the Mrs. finally found him and walked into the room......  not sure how  well that turned out for him, but I hung up laughing;)

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