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 My little pet Michael from Canada called 3 times last night ((with his wife complaining in the background))   He knows I come before her... and was happy to hear I'll let him get back on a pay schedule...  every pay day  he sends me a nice tribute:)

UK Matt and I chatted for over an hour and a half last night... along with a $210. tribute :)

Dylan called to be used and abused last night...  his girlfriend dumped him a couple months ago...  he'd rather stay home and call NiteFlirt instead of going out and moving on with his life.  He deleted his account a few weeks ago -- but  like a true loser who just can't stay away... he was back for more:)  I asked him how often he's been calling NiteFlirt again and he said he only spoke to one other girl the day before.  I know she charges more than I do...  so I hung up on him...  raised my rates... and made him call right back and thank me for taking more of his money :)