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Another day...another pile of presents.
Love the way you spoil me! 

2261-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27



"Tanline" emailed me tonight (he has a new member name - but I still call him Tanline)

Hey, I was wondering if there was any tanning stuff you needed I could buy? 
-lucky you...  I have lotion and goggles on my wish list;)

Ok thanks, is that all you need for tanning stuff?
-I just updated my wishlist for you... you can get the first 3 things  for tanning;)

Thanks, I just finished getting all 3.  Anything else i can do for you?
-I would love a NiteFlirt tribute;)

How much were you thinking?
-surprise me:)

Honestly i like when you tell me if you dont mind...
-in that case...  send me a $50 tribute:)

With pleasure..  Thank you....
-Thanks Dave;)

You remember my name?
-this is tanline right????????????

Yes...  im just surprised you remember my name is all.  I know i havent sent a lot of money lately
-We've been talking forever... I remember you ;) 

I know..  you've been on PLENTY of my CC statements over the years lol..
-I plan on being on PLENTY more;)

Do you have a new pic of your feet by any chance?
-    $30 pay-to-view - 3 pics in strappy stilettos

 Chicago Mikey/Shelley called for more lil dick humiliation. He finally took pics in his lil orange Hooters shorts and knee pads.  I'll have to post those soon.
Mistresses6/9/2008chicago mikey5 starsomg...talking about Master Brad's mushroom head...mmmmmmmmm... <slurp, slurp, slurp> ... <giggle>... 
Mistresses6/6/2008chicago mikey5 starsokay, so she's like a den mother for cocksuckers like me <giggle>...searching long and hard (that's what she said) to find me a big, meaty, COCK to suck <giggle>... 


Loser Mark emailed me tonight:

LM: hey princess   what's up tonight?
-nothing much cock sucker...  just updating my journal in between calls.  you?

LM: watching the basketball game>>>>waiting for you to update your journal
-I wrote about you last night.. did you see?

LM: i may be able to sneak in a real fast call from the basement... what a fuckin loser...it may be quick....hope you don't mind
$5. pay-to-view: Such a loser...
so what will it be?....rubbing your laptop or sneaking a call so you can hear me tell you what a loser you are?

your fuckin kill me>>>>>i gotta call

$5. pay-to-view: come on loser....  
call me so I can laugh at you;)

He called me while hiding in the basement by the washer and dryer.  I teased him for being even more of a loser than before.  He used to call me from public bathrooms while humping pastry.  Now he dreams about sucking cock... but he wanted to make clear it has to be a tranny with huge tits.   I told him if he wants to cum he'll have to start eating it since he can't wait to get his lips around a real cock!