belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 I haven't been on much the past few nights.... I've been tanning in the pool during the day and going out with friends at night.  

Even though Slave Jon/miles is on vacation he still surprised me with a nice tribute:)

SeanWow called for cbt - he had his tool box ready with a hammer, rope, wrench, pliers...etc

Just like I said he would... Lion was back with tributes.  We only got to talk for a couple minutes because his wife was coming home - but he still sent a $150 tribute.

My big black cock loving Tank sent a tribute, then called the next day for more humiliation.  After teasing him more and more... I finally let him cum........ upside down all over his faggy face!
Mistresses6/13/2008tankmech5 starsWhere my money belongs!! 
Fem Dommes6/13/2008tankmech5 starsSHE IS SO PERFECT!!!! SHE KNOWS ME SO WELL!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

I had a long call with Chicago Mikey.  We talked about how I'm going to make him wear his orange jock strap and knee pads and suck Master Brad's cock...
Mistresses6/12/2008chicago mikey5 starsgenerally i don't believe in hypnotism and that kind of mumbo-jumbo, but the other night Princess had a word that made my mouth water every time i heard the end of our session, i was drooling like a Pavlovian dog...that just shows you the kind of MENTAL control she has over her callers (like me lol)... 

Loser Mike from Chicago called too... ((after watching hours of gay and bi porn))  his wife was out for the night so he didn't have to sneak around.  If you haven't noticed from his previous feedback - he can't stand his wife. lol
5 starsi love this woman ! so beautiful ! i was off tuesday called bella daisy, wow i kept adding money just to have her laugh at me and my fat wife being used ay a bachelor party. 

1HotBoy has been outdoing himself this week... even when I take a night or 2 off - 1HB surprises me with big tributes:)  Couldn't ask for a better pussyboy;)


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