belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 Pay-To-Views.... ahh I love it... and apparently so do you   because I've been doing more than ever :)

Saturday night my UK Foot Fetish Perv Dave sent me a message.  He told me he had been drinking and wasn't sure if he should start playing my $$$ games... but I talked him into it anyway...

bella: are you ready to start stroking for me perv???
bella: because
bella: I would enjoy that
UKDrunkDave: i don't know...
bella: I do
d: there must be so many other rich guys out there tonight.. i have honestly had a fiair amount to drink..
d: will just be frustrating
bella: there are plenty
bella: but I want to play with you
d: aw, like i said before, flattery will get You so far..
bella: should I leave you alone?
d: oh, i don't know [sorry - but i am allowed to be confused]..
bella: well I'm not going to anyway LOL
d: am sure i'd not be backwards about coming forwards, in asking [i'm confused]
d: like i said, i don't know..
bella: ok since you're having a hard time deciding.. I'll do it for you
bella: start stroking perv
We chatted for a bit, then I started sending PTV emails ranging from $10 - $30.

Loser Mike from Chicago (Thimble Dick) called back again (but I don't think he was wearing his wife's lingerie like the night before)

London Loser must have really enjoyed the teasing and humiliating PTV games from the night before because I signed on to see he sent me a $400.  Tribute:)

After reading about the "brainwashing" session I had with a new caller the other day,  Bitchboy Sam called wanting me to do the same to him....  except Sam's going to be such a good cock sucker for me.  I told him he could practice on my strap on first;)

Loser Mark ((used to be the pastry humper - now he's a Tranny lover - try to keep up ;))  
LM:  how are you?

wonderful as always....   how are you cock sucker?

LM:  that would be tranny cock sucker....get that

-$5 Pay-To-View: I meant ... Big Boobed Tranny cock sucker;) 
((he replied WITHOUT paying))
 LM: not tonight Princess

(then I went on to the next caller)  but 10 minutes later he replied:
LM:  you are so hard to resist and HARD is ther main word

-GOOD!!! haha  ;)

i keep staring at the ppv trying not to open
LM: I can't fucking take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$10. Pay-to-view: you can't take it...
what is it that you can't take Tranny Cock Sucker?

LM: the thought of you watching me suck tranny cock.....i wanna blow my load on my face imaging it is Nikki's.....please Princess PLEASE  PLEASE

$20 pay-to-view: 
Nikki's cum all over...
your face!  YES!!!  suck it!!!

((laughing at your "not tonight Princess" -- hahahhaaaa  yea right!)) LOSER!!

LM: that was fucking incredible!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my callers "$cotty" emailed me:
hello there....i would love to try ptv sometime.  what do u think 

$5. Pay-to-view:
I think that's a great idea ;)
what are you into?

$cotty: Financial Domination

$20 Pay-to-view: well in that case...  here ya go;)

He ended up calling  and we just chatted for over an hour and a half....  we didn't talk about anything sexual...  just a nice friendly chat... but I was sending $20 PTV emails the whole time. 

$20 Pay-To-View: 
wow you paid that REALLY Quick...
let's do it again;)

$20 Pay-To-View: 
it's been a while...
(ok so really only about 10 minutes since the last one)
this is just too much fun ;) LOL 

$20 Pay-To-View:  and again :)

((I didn't even have to write anything in the emails... I knew if I sent it... he would pay it))

$20 Pay-To-View:  since you...
enjoy it so much

After our 95 minute phone call he still wanted to give me more....  he opened 3 more $20 PTV email...  even spent $20 on a pic of me in my Hooters tank top ((yes the same pic that is on all of my
$188 for our call and  $140 in PTV mail.. not bad;)

I started the night off with a 45 minute cam call from miles/slave Jon:)

Mistresses7/1/2008miles2025 starsIt is really hard to only leave Goddess Donna 5 stars. She is so wonderful she cannot be ranked on a 5 star system. NF needs to have a new type of ranking so that Goddess Donna can get all the stars she truly deserves. Goddess Donna is a beautiful as a clear moonlit sky. I think she should get all the stars that you would see in that moonlit sky- but there again I am not sure it would be enough. Outwardly she is so beautiful, it leaves me and any reasonable man speechless. However, what truly separates her from other women is her inner beauty. Goddess has a glow about her that is breathtaking. This glow comes from inside of her and it is amazing.  

KG sent me an email tonight:

I just want to let you know that I have been edging all evening staring at all of the feet pics I have of you. I was going to call but my wife is still up. I am hiding in my office stroking to your feet. 

I love when you hide LOL...  my cam lines are set to "arrange calls" -- just let me know when you're ready to call and I'll turn the line on for you ;)

I dont think I will be able to call. can you tease w/ PTV pics? 

$25 Pay-to-view: stroke to my pretty feet
(2 pics in red stilettos)
:) keep stroking........ NO cumming!

KG: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am so addicted to your feet. My little dick is raw. 

$40 pay-to-view: it might be raw... 
(2 pics in gold strappy heels)
but you still can't cum! stroke! 

KG: I about blew my load. I am dying. Your feet are incredible.

$40 Pay-to-view: stroke stroke stroke..
(2 pics  of my perfectly pedicured feet)

Thanks. I couldn't take it anymore! I will be back again, hopefully via webcam. This was fun. Thanks. 
thanks ;)     ((yes I love laughing as he sweats it out - hiding in the backseat of his car))

My new caller who I mentioned the other day "Weak One Mike"  IMed me on Yahoo tonight:

weak1: gee one thing less on the wish list, I wonder what could be missing
bella: lol... hmm I'll have to go check
weak1: you do that sweety
((he bought the "Bella Donna" helmet from my Amazon list)) 
((I bought an ATV last week and needed some cute pink gear))
bella: that is awesome
bella: thanks so much
weak1: well you can't just have the goggles and not a new helmet, now can you
weak1: all I ask is that you take a real sexy pic of yourself with it, it doesn't have to be on, but hold it with something sexy on
bella: lol
weak1: thats all I ask
bella: you should have asked Before you ordered it  aren't you a sub??? lol
weak1: yes but a horny one, lol
weak1: well next time I will just have to ask if I can buy you something and I sure hope your around when I get a itchy buying finger, lol
weak1: wow 1.5 hrs last night  on that call, your a machine
weak1: god that would a nice amount of cash, lol
bella: yes -- also had him opening $20 pay-to-view emails during the call
weak1: wow, you are good
weak1: please be kind to me, if I get that bad, please

Poor Lion is at it again...   telling me how he's done... he's not going to let me tempt him into calling and tributing...  he's not going to stroke and edge for me ever again.  He's not spending any more money on me...  etc etc...    
Lion: Know you've heard this from me before but I'm going to try and control my addiction again. 
           I keep failing so don't hold your breath I will probalby be back. Especailly since you will be out here.
          Still I am going to put effort in getting free from it. Later

he even asked if it would be ok if he cancelled some of the gift cards he bought me that hadn't cleared yet.
(Of course I said NO!) - he actually ended up sending another $100.

bella: are you sending it so I stop teasing you ??
lion: I am sending it so you won't be mad.
lion: I don't think you'll ever stop trying to tease me, it makes you too much money
bella: hmmm... true... but if I thought you REALLY didn't want to do it anymore... I would stop

He did manage to stay away for 1 night though...   well almost a whole night anyway...  he signed on to make sure I received the gift cards, then said he was going to spend time with his wife and wouldn't let me tempt him again.

lion: no more teasing since I no it's not good for me even though it feels good. Agreed
bella: right
lon: I have actually had fun, but I can't believe I was stupid enough to spend mortgage money on being teased.
lion: I've never even seen you naked and you have tons of my money. I am the definition of a loser..
lion: Can you do me a favor and don't let me start this again no matter how much I contact you or beg or plead with you.
bella: ok
lion: Do you actually have guys who have quit and never come back. I logically don't want to do this but I still physically and emotionally want to see you and stroke for you.
lion: Just read what I wrote...I need help
bella: lol
lion: ok I'm done. Otherwise I'm going to ask and you'll do it because you love owning me, so good bye
bell: talk to you tomorrow 
lion: ?
bella: you.. me.. yahoo .. tomorrow night
lion: I thought we agree no more teasing
bella: we did
lion: so you actually want me to spend the rest of my life owned by you and giving you so much money I lose everything
bellad: who said anything about money ?
bella: i just said i'll talk to you tomorrow
bella: relax
lion: you know that talking  leads to stroking which leads to edging which leads to me begging you to take my money
lion: I get paid tomorrow. If I chat ever again it will have to be a day or two before payday so I'm broke. Not payday
bella: see ya tomorrow
bella: or
bella: talk to you tomorrow
lion: no tricks like last time either, sending cam to me to tease me tonight. I know your devil/angle tricks.

lion: I know because I'm stopping tonight you are sitting there with a shirt and no bra underneath like I've hoped you would many times and I just can't go back into this again
bella: funny you should say that... I'm not doing cam calls tonight... so I'm just wearing a white tank top  (without a bra) and shorts
lion: you can't be serious
bella: white tank top and pink shorts -- yes... very comfy
bella: have a good night
lion: and you were going to let me see that
lion: tonight
bella: if you were edging yes
bella: and counting
lion: ok I'll edge for you this one last time but we stop at 100 no matter what
bell: no no -- you can't
bella: you don't want to
lion: I don't but I've dreamed of seeing you with no bra on. I was actually fantasizing about seeing you with nothing on top when you cam out here
bella: lolll
lion: see you were teasing me just to see what my breaking piont was weren't you
bella: no - that's what I'm wearing - I was laughing cause you have no chance of ever seeing me topless
lion: ok then just let me see what you're wearing for a little bit
bella: my cam line;)

So there he was... right where I like him... back to hiding from his wife  - sneaking in calls... and sending lots and lots of tributes...  I know he said he was stopping.. but he sent $560.  so far this week and it's only Tuesday.  LOL


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