belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 A caller's wife just IMed me on Yahoo....

xxxxxxx: hey whore   u been fucking with my man?
Bella: what? ((normally "hey whore" would just get you blocked - but I was curious - so I replied))
xxxxxxx: u on my husbands buddy list     you been fuckin with him?
Bella: no idea who your husband is
xxxxxxx: yea I bet
xxxxxxx: looks like you would be a little homewrecker
bella: click on "message archive" on my name on his buddyy list -you can see every conversation we've ever had- I have no idea when I spoke to him last -- or what it was even about.   ((Unless you want this to be your pissed off wife or girlfriend - go delete your archives;)
bella: oh and when you're done... you can apologize
xxxxxxx: its empty   I'm sure he knows how to delete that shit  (((yes he does)))  look   just be honest   are you fucking him?
bella: I am not fucking him
bella: I am not fucking with him
bella: I do not know him
bella: all I know is he's some guy with the dog avatar  on my buddy list
bella: maybe he added me a long time ago
xxxxxxx: what do you do?
bella: when? ((yes I know what she meant))
xxxxxxx: as a profession
bella: I'm a nanny  (by day)-((ok so I forgot to mention NiteFlirt;))) - what do you do ?
xxxxxxx: nurse
bella: and your husband? what does he do ? 
((like I don't already know;))
xxxxxxx: marine corps
bella: what's with all the questions?  I don't know him - move on to the next person on his list - you're wasting your time with me ((and she was wasting her time _ unless he's a Blackmail caller who's going to be "outed" , she wasn't getting any info from me))- I think I spoke to him maybe 3 times
xxxxxxx: honestly?  just thought you were a cutie
bella: oh god is this some guy pretending to be an angry wife?
xxxxxxx: lol  no hun  im really going thru his buddy list   and saw your pic   sorry if I offended you in anyway ((yea the whole "whore" & "home wrecker" thing - not so nice;))  but I believe you ((stupid))  thanks for being honest   take care

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