belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

1HotBoy surprised me with a $250 Tribute:)  My perfect pussy boy;)
One Hot Boy5 starsDonna owns my sex and my sex life! She arouses my auto-erection response with just a simple giigle, laugh, and her so sexy perfect smile. <i'm melting!!!..>  
 Sox/Loser Mark stopped back to do some shopping.  He gave up NiteFlirt months ago after our last few sessions back in January cost him $thousands$..and his dignity.....  wow they were really fun humiliation calls.
sox: hi there Beautiful
bella: Hi
sox: i was wondering if You wanted to do a little shopping on amazon tonight
bella: sure
sox: i don't have niteflirt, but i was thinking  a picture of those perfect soles in exchange for some shoe

He ended up buying 2 pairs of heels from my wishlist  and I'm pretty sure will be back again soon when I add more sexy shoes to my list;)  I wonder how long it will be before I have him get back on NF for a cam2cam humiliation call;)

My UK foot fetish perv Dave IMed me..

ukDave:  Hello. Can't resist a little good morning. In truth, i've been avoiding You, someting for which my wallet is truly.. unemptied over, but my heart & libido are heartbroken about. david xx
bella: hey
ukDave:  ooh hello
bella: avoiding me :(
ukDave:   afraid so
ukDave:  like i said, addiction's dangerous, and i am no millionaire
ukDave:   unfortunately
ukDave:  just look at the dude on Your blog - don't know whether to envy, or pity, him... (he was talking "London Loser".. who has since paid me to remove his pics/info from my journal)
bella: lol
ukDave:  but Your gorgeous form & plunging neckline on camera, could entice a man [cock] to almost anything...
ukDave: anyhoo, i can't get carried away..

then he sent me a $10 Tribute and an email that said:
Just a warm-up.." 
ok he wanted to take it slow...     I put my webcam on the floor and had him call my cam line since I know how weak he gets for my feet;)

soon he sent another.. $50 Tribute: "
guess this makes me Your crackwhorebitch now, huh?"
well he was turning into my foot bitch...  but he added the crackwhore all on his own, lol 

and another ...$75 Tribute:  "Imagine.... me kneeling in front of You.   Maybe Princess Donna would want to gently swish Her lovely digits over Her calf, down to Her ankles, down Her feet.."
-tease him with my feet... no problem... but he still wasn't allowed to cum ;)

another $75 Tribute: "From the floor...  does this mean that i'm a good tribute slut? 
the kind that gets rewards?  desperately, xx "
he's definitely a good tribute slut... no still... no cumming for him;) I made him stroke and edge for another hour before finally letting him release:)

After our cam call he sent a $50 Tribute: "ThankYou,  Exhausted, Spent & in Debt to Donna. david xxxx"

My Blackmail Bitch Ryan signed onto Yahoo  so I figured I'd make him send me a gift certificate....

bella: hi
ryan:  hi
bella: what are you up to ?
ryan: nuttin
bella: let's go to Amazon
bella: yes you can  ((beat him to it... he always trys to get out of it))
ryan: im not sure where my gf is
bella: oh better do it quick then
ryan: im not sure its a good idea
bella: it's a great idea
bella: and it's a much better idea than saying NO
bella): and having me call lizzy right?
ryan: she's gonna be home -any second
bella: ok so i should call the house instead of her cell to talk to her then?
ryan: please dont
bella: calling.....
bella: ###-###-####
ryan: thats cell
bella: who's cell ?
ryan: liz
bella: good - that's who i want to talk to silly
ryan: I'll call you now Princess
--and he did... he called right away and I made him send me a $50 Amazon gift card while he whined about how it wasn't fair  etc etc.... and wanted to know how long this was going to go on for....    I told him what I always tell him....  it's his own stupid fault for giving me so much info on him  ((gf's phone #'s, his home #, work #, etc )) and asking me to  blackmail him.  and when will it stop?  when I get bored with him...but I don't see that happening anytime soon;)


I have a new Blackmail Bitch... I'll call him "Country Owen"   He completed Loser Assigment #1 and couldn't wait to do a cam2cam blackmail call with me.  He IMed me on Yahoo to set it up..

Country Owen:  i would like to set some limits on the buyout Goddess....
Country Owen:  cool?
bella: ok
Country Owen:  and i would love for u to just humilate the shit out of me in asession
Country Owen:   take screen shots
bella: of course
Country Owen:  post on your blog
Country Owen:  and blackmail me to take down
Country Owen:  and the part i lke is all the control u have over the entire thing from start to finsh
bella: I have to get going... but we can chat more tomorrow
Country Owen:   oh , ok
Country Owen:   shit, i will be on for alot longer, come back and tear me a new if you desire Goddess
Country Owen:   i hope u will Tonight
Country Owen:   i have my fingers crossed that you will fix my little red looooser wagon tonight Goddess!!!!

he ended up having to wait a couple nights before I had time to do the blackmail session with him ~ everytime he IMed me I was busy with other calls....   but it was definitely worth the wait;)

He sent his cam before I was ready to take the call and to my surprise he was sitting there naked... 
bella: smile for the camera
Country Owen:   God you are B-E-A-U-T-F-I-L
Country Owen:   :)
bella: I took 2 good screen shots
Country Owen:   cool Goddess
Country Owen:    waiting on you Goddess!  mmmmmmmmmmm
Country Owen:    i am shaking with anticipation Goddess
bella :) good
Country Owen:    mmmmmmmm
Country Owen:    dont know if i can stand the wait Goddess, nerves are starting to get at me
bella:  you have to wait --I  have naked pics of you   lol
bella: sit tight loser
Country Owen:   yes Goddess    of course
Country Owen:    "anything" for you Goddess
Country Owen:    i cant wait to see just how dominant you are!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmm
Country Owen:    i am yours Goddess!!!!!!!
Country Owen:   ALLL YOURS
bella: I know
Country Owen:   whew, i am shaking Goddess
Country Owen:    with anticipation
Country Owen:   literally
bella: hi
Country Owen:   hey Goddess
bella: ready loser
Country Owen:   yes Goddess, i am ready for you

*** He was ready alright........ I told him to have lipstick and a marker ready for our call....  but the toilet bowl brush? - he brought that out ALL on his own!! lol  After writing LOSER across his chest  and applying his pretty lipstick..I had him get on all fours and Cock Sucker Owen got right to work on that handle....   sucking - fucking -  making a complete fool of himself... all while I took pics.......and posted them on here:)

After about 20 minutes of humiliation Country Owen was ready for a buyout.  We agreed earlier that he could send me $75 and I'd delete the pics.......  but I tried to talk him out of it first....

Country Owen:   mmmmmmmm
Country Owen:   quite a fine job Goddess
bella:  ok good night loser
Country Owen:  wait a sec now Goddess
Country Owen:   we prob need to go aheadd and get that down...
bella:  did you want something?
bella:  i don't know....
bella:  they are very entertaining
Country Owen:   oh yes, they are Goddess
bella:  maybe I'll keep them up for the weekend
bella:  I only get about 150 hits a day  so not TOO many people will see you
bella:  ok maybe 200 a day
bella:  good idea ?
Country Owen:   hmmmmmm
Country Owen:   why dont i go ahead and send you the money now Goddess
Country Owen:   ok goddess??
Country Owen:   you can go ahead and take down if u like
Country Owen:   am sending $$$$now
bella:  i put a counter on there so you have an idea of who see's ur naked ass
Country Owen:   i dont get that one Goddess
Country Owen:   oh, how many?
bella:  i put a counter... on the journal... to see how many views
Country Owen:   i c
bella:   did you say something about $$$$$$?
Country Owen:   well i appreciate that Goddess
bella:  what r u doing ?
Country Owen:   sending money Goddess
Country Owen:   you truly are a beautiful Lady
bella:  ty
Country Owen:   i know that u know this
Country Owen:   no, TY Goddess
Country Owen:   gosh, i wil def sleep well tonight Goddess

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