belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 My little pet Matt called earlier this evening...  We talked for a while and I made him my bitch boy.  Then he asked if he could pay for my pedicure ((of course!))   and spent the rest of the night sitting at his computer waiting for my attention...
He sent me this email...
Sent: 10/14/2007
Subject: Re: what else...
is it sad that i sit here and hit refresh waiting to hear back from you?

So I replied with a pay to view mail....
"not as sad as the fact that you just paid $10. to read this email ;)"

and what did he do?  He thanked me for it... and continued to pay $10. for each email after that:)

It's now around midnight and I asked him if he bought the pics I offer on my listings..  
he replied:
i will right now, seeing as i am here to serve you and you control my every move on here"


I had a new caller Jim tonight...   he's a little dick loser and he knows it.  We chatted for an hour and he told me some of his loser how his girlfriends cheat on him, he's actually seen his girlfriends having sex with other men.. and what did he do about it I asked???   NOTHING!    Why?...because  Jim's a big LOSER!  He's not a real man... he certainly doesn't have a real man's dick.. so of course his girls go looking for something better!   He has a girlfriend now, but I told him it won't be long before she gets tired of having a lil dick pussy for a boyfriend and moves on too:)  In the meantime... I'll be happy to take his money and make him pay for my attention:)

(( I write this Matt is opening every pay to view button on my page:)) lol


  12:45am...  Matt called back, we talked for a lil while and he asked about the Loser Assignments on my listings...  I told him he'll have to go buy them to find out ;) 

-He bought both of them ;)

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