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 I wasn't on much this week... I took a mini break from NF for a few days, but the calls I did take were very entertaining:)

Chicago Mikey called a few times...  his feedback pretty much says it all....

chicago mikey5 starsPrincess is sooooooo patient and understanding when it's hard to understand me over the phone, whether it's because of a bad connection, wine-slurred language, or...a mushroom head cock in my mouth! <giggle> 
chicago mikey5 starsIs anyone else jealous when they see her "Super Tits" picture? i want big boobies sooooooo bad...;-) 
chicago mikey5 starsokay, so this is caitlin leaving feedback for my boyfriend chicago mikey...i thought Daisy was kidding with her t- shirt that says, "Your boyfriend is my bitch!", it turns out she was TOTALLY SERIOUS! omg, it was sooooooo humiliating to see my bf <deep breath> SUCKING COCK for Daisy! do you think i feel having such a little sissy for a boyfriend? <sniffle> 
chicago mikey5 starsomg, now Daisy has turned her attention to humiliating my girlfriend caitlin, sitting on her face and smothering all the air out of her...with me sucking cock and caitlin having her face used as Daisy's seat, this is one couple that's definitely been put in our place... 

I made Tank send me a tribute while he told me about his latest crush...

 tank:  i think i have a problem goddess
bella: ?
tank:  i found some porn
tank:  the guy is mandingo
tank:  have you heard of him?
bella: no, who is he?
tank:  a black porn star with a huge fucking dick
bella:   of course he is... 
tank:  holy shit
bella: send me his link
tank:  i so want to be your bitch goddess
tank: ndingo%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff
bella: lollllll it's HUGEEEE
tank:  i know goddess i was like wow
tank:  i love that pic of you on your  blog thing
tank:  the one that says you're bf is my bitch
bella: you should send a tribute cock sucker
tank:  yes goddess
tank:  i see you're on the phone but i sent it goddess you're so perfect!!!
tank:  thank you goddess
bella: great
tank:  i so want to be your bitch goddess
bella: you are my bitch
tank:  yes goddess thank you for that
bella: my cock sucking big black dick loving loser
tank:  thank you so much goddess for letting me be that for you
tank:   omg thank you for letting me pay you a tribute then signing off goddess your so perfect!!

I got an email from Loser Mark saying: "check out XXXXXXX XXXXX's feedback"
So I looked it up and saw that my losers share a certain Tranny in common.
((I think it's so funny how much attention Chicago Mikey gets from SO MANY of my
I replied...
lol...   yes he  LOVES a big cock in his mouth ;)  I had him sucking one for over an hour last night ;)
Loser Mark: what was Mikey sucking last night?
$5 Pay-to-view: He sucked.... my...
boyfriend's big thick cock while his girlfriend watched in shock... because after all... her boyfriend is my bitch;)
Loser Mark:  wow!!!  what a fuckin cock sucking loser!!!!!!!!!
$5 Pay-to-view: Oh yes.... he ...
is!!  Reminds me of someone else I know ;) ;)
Loser Mark: I do like wife's fingers up my ass....
and for you anything is possible.....
omg...i am so close to exploding
$10 pay-to-view: your wife's finger...
up your cock sucking ass is good....  but.... 
a big boobed tranny would be soooo much better!!!
Loser Mark: omg...i want that soooooo badly..........
almost shot as i read that...1 more tug and its are fuckin too much......
how about a tranny cock in my mouth, wife fingers in my ass and you getting paid to watch and humiliate us....
$10 Pay-to-view: 1 Tranny
1 Ass Finger Fucking Wife
ME laughing all the way to the bank!  Perfect!!
Loser Mark: oh yeah!!!!!!
I need to cum....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is the perfect scenario......god i need to shoot and have that tranny cum on my face
$10 pay-to-view: The way I see it...
as soon as the first drop of tranny cum hits your face your cock is going to explode!!!
Fucking LOSER!!!!!!!

A few days ago my UK Foot Fetish Perv David sent a $50 Tribute and a note that said:
soooo wanted to play, but i am ill, and drunk [usually lager cures many maladies, but not tonight].
Have got the silly notion into my head to tribute anyways. Firstly to spank my wallet as punishment for my silly condition [as in, unable to play, but other views of my silly condition are equally appropriate ;o) ]. Secondly, more disturbingly, i am not sure. Just a notion cumpulsion. v.bad.
With immense regret, just another peon devastated by the irresistable thrall of Princess Donna,
david xx

He was back again last night.... He IMed  on Yahoo...

UKDavid: good evening x
bella: hi
UKDavid: apart from being busy, how is Princess Donna on this freaky friday
UKDavid: ?
bella: on a call brb
bella: I'm back... what are you up to ?
UKDavid: got back a little while ago
UKDavid: not as drunk as usual
UKDavid: but tired
bella: wake up I want to play
UKDavid: how many guys would love to hear those words from Your lips
UKDavid: of all the nights..
UKDavid: honest, my wallet couldn't take it
UKDavid: i sooo want to hear Your voice
UKDavid: but i can't really afford it
bella: you'll find a pay
UKDavid:  no fair
UKDavid: find a pay.. i like
bella: **find a way
UKDavid: pay is better
bella: yes it is
UKDavid: seriously, i shouldn't have come online.. i have $$$ problems
bella: yes i know
UKDavid: i keep giving it all to You
UKDavid:  & all the time i want more
bella: the problem is... you're not sending it to me
UKDavid: this is no good: i can't chat & not tribute 
UKDavid: but to spank my wallet. it's too beaucoup [deep sigh]
UKDavid: oops n/f just kicked me out
bella: well kick yourself back in
UKDavid: [lowers head] yes Princess Donna [gets pervy glance at Your pumps & peds]
bella: sure
UKDavid: mail sent
UKDavid: ooh gorgeous
UKDavid: thank You Princess Donna
UKDavid: You know that once You get me here
UKDavid: it's hard
bella: is it
bella: hard?
UKDavid:  and hard for me not to touch myself
bella: oh then why fight it?
UKDavid:  yes
UKDavid: oh yes
UKDavid: hmmmmm
UKDavid:  sooooo good
bella: stroking for me?
UKDavid: yes Princess Donna
UKDavid: can't stop
bella: you don't have to stop
UKDavid: jerking for Donna
bella: you just can't cum
UKDavid: thank You Princess  sending another tribute now
UKDavid:  $$$$ drained & thanking You for it
UKDavid: i never meant for this to happen
UKDavid: but it's sooo good
UKDavid: fetish fix
UKDavid: mindfuck
UKDavid: & lush Donna
UKDavid: how does it feel to control a cock? to coax & create a strokeslave?
bella: sooo good
UKDavid: damn, can't get phone in same room as pc, with DonnaCam..
UKDavid: worse comes to worse, i'll so totally spank my wallet for You..
UKDavid: in the meantime, if i lose to another, better sub.. my heartbroken..
bella: stroke!!!
UKDavid: but i'd love to hear Your voice, so i might call in any case..
UKDavid: from the other room 
UKDavid: oh goddess
UKDavid: dea Donna
UKDavid: paying Princess Donna now, going in the other room to call
He called and I made him stroke...on his knees... for over an hour.  I finally let him go after he paid a $100 Cum Fee.  
Thank You Goddess,  kisses all over Your peds


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