belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Even though I took a few days off last week.... I had a super busy weekend that more than made up for it:)

Friday night started off with an hour long call from $cotty...and a $30 Tribute... just because;)

Then there was the almost $300 I took from my UK Foot Fetish perv David. 

Lion gave in and made a new NiteFlirt account - after constantly maxing out his credit card  and causing tons of overdraft fees he said he wasn't going to do it anymore and disappeared... for........ a  He just can't stay away -- he needs to be teased and  of course DENIED by me almost every night.  He tried to come back with only a $30 I teased the hell out of him then ignored him till be magically found another $30, then $150 in Amazon gift certificates:)  Before we started on Saturday night he asked me to promise to set a limit of $150 on Amazon...  so I agreed..... I teased him till he reached $150, making him edge well over 100 times,  but too bad for Lion he forgot about a Cum Fee.... he was begging me to take more money...but a promise is a promise Lion;)     I enjoyed sending him away with blue balls instead:)

Tank was back again last night...
tank:  hello goddess
tank: i saw something on amazon last night when i was looking for some gloves and i was going to im you but i had to go jack off
bella: lol,   what was it?
tank: it wasn't a jock strap is was called a jock support and it was a white cotton pair of underwear that looked like a jock strap and the guy was huge and had a big cock underneath it
tank:  i wish i had a big dick goddess
tank: its so embarrassing in the showers
bella: lol i bet it is lil dick
tank: i was looking at that pic on your journal that has the shirt that says you boyfriend is my bitch i like that
bella: thanks loser
tank: i was imagining like im sorry if i step out of line here goddess but if i could fuck well your beautiful chest i guess i could say would i lose my dick?
tank:  if that's out of line goddess im sorry
bella: oh that's gonna cost you a tribute loser
tank:  yes goddess
tank: i apologize
tank: i sent $50 goddess
bella: good job loser,,,,
bella: so to answer your question
bella: you could never titty fuck me loser -- your itty bitty dick would get lost in my huge tits
tank: omg yes they would goddess and if i could say they are extremely huge
tank:  i am definitely your bitch goddess
tank:  thank you for putting me in your journal goddess
tank:  you're so fucking perfect goddess
tank:   oh ok sorry to bother you goddess i see you are on idle
bella: it's ok
tank:  im so serious goddess i dont understand how you are so amazing
tank:  your so out of my league
bella: I know;)
tank:  i see your not on nf anymore am i bothering you at all like during your personal time goddess??
bella:  no I made someone tribute me
bella:  I wrote him a Pay-to-view email teaching his girlfriend how to dominate him
tank:  wow that is so hot goddess
tank:  im not going to lie when i get ims from you it turns me on
tank:  i had precum all in my pants earlier
tank:  i guess i should send another tribute goddess
bella:  yes loser -you should - $50
tank:  thank you for showing me how pathetic I am goddess
He told me about his latest interest...Lexington Steele.  He wants to get a life like dildo of the big black cock and suck it on cam while wearing his pretty Victoria's Secret panties.
more to write about the weekend... but I'll get to it later............

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