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***I'm going out for Happy Hour ... I'll be on a little later than normal tonight;)***

Some presents from my "piggie M", sox/Loser Mark, and my blackmail bitch Ryan :)
 tg1003.jpg picture by belladaisy27


Last night was a VERY good $$$$ night :)

First I made Tank pay $50 for 2 pics I took for him with my webcam holding signs.  
tg-tank1.jpg picture by belladaisy27   tg-tank2.jpg picture by belladaisy27
Then I got an email from an old caller Teddy asking if I remember him.  Of course I remember him - you don't forget someone who spent $Thousands$  in Tributes:)  I looked it up... it had been 1,023 days since we last spoke.  Almost 3 years.....  but I've said it before.... they all come back;)   He had a lot of time to make up for so I had him get right to work taking care of my bills.  He needed me to do all the thinking for him so all he had to do was sit back and stroke and pay every pay-to-view email I sent him.  Every time the "voice" told us we had 1 minute remaining I told him all he had to do was add more money.  I started out by having him pay my $70 cell phone bill, then my $80 cable bill, another $70 bill, and an extra $300 in Tributes during our 2 hour phone call.  It ended up costing him about $800 at the end of the night, but he was such a good sissy boy :)


Another blast from the past... subbie emailed me the other day...  it had been six months since I heard from him.  Last time we spoke we talked and he tributed till he reached NiteFlirt's $1,000 limit so we moved onto lots of presents from my Amazon wishlist.  Of course I was ready to pick up right where we left off... but subbie needed a little coaxing (and a few beers) before I finally got him back into his pretty pink panties and lipstick and opening $300 in pay-to-view emails:)

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