belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 I had a lot of fun teasing Lion the past few nights...  teasing... making him edge at least 100 times...and denying....  poor guy -- I can't remember the last time I let him cum;)

lion:  hi
bella: hi
lion: drained my account last night for you
bella: account or balls?
lion: no balls are still very blue
lion: you drained my account
bella: :)
bella: just how I like you... account empty and balls full
lion:  I know
lion:  How much did you take over this last week
bella: from you?
bella: I have to look
bella: I know $300 last night
bella: and $150 the other night
lion:  holy shit
lion:  $150 at the beginning of the week too   so it was $600 this week
bella: yes
lion:  and I still don't get to cum?
bella: NO!
lion:  I still think your plan is to deny me cumming forever just to see if it can be done

((( he's right! )))

Teddy was back tonight...  Friday night I was really busy on NF and I didn't get to talk to him, Saturday night I made him pay a $30 Tribute - then he got scared and said he'd be back another night....   and he was...   we talked for over an hour tonight.  During our call I made him pay tons of tributes and PTV emails.  At one point his credit card company declined the card, but he called and the cc company, had them authorize the payment , and called right back so he could continue to tribute while we talked.  He's such a good sissyboy - he knows he can't say no to me because I know what's best for his money.... he ended up spending $415  on me tonight and can't wait to call back tomorrow for more instructions:)

Lion and $cotty  did some shopping from my wishlist the past few days.  Between them and all the presents My Piggie M bought  recently I'm going to be seeing a lot of the UPS guy again over the next 2 weeks.

Chicago Mikey called a couple times this weekend...  I'll wait for him to catch up on his feedback before telling his latest fetish;)

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