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I got an email from a new caller last night....saying how he was from Philly and an Eagles fan too...and how he was trying to fight his urges....    but I wasn't about to help him fight his urges;)
8/26/20085 starsShe's not only gorgeous but she has skills. I really was going to try to play her for some free domination but I think she suspected this. she drew me in slowly and before i new it i couldn't click the ppv emails fast enough. i was cursing the screen for making it take so long for the ppvs to go through. it's scary to know how out of control she made me and what could have or will happen in the future. 
Miles/slave jon decided to quit NiteFlirt last week, but I was so happy to get a surprise call from him last night - along with the Office dvd he bought from my wish was so much fun to tease him and keep him on the edge for me;)   I think I like his new member name better;)
8/26/2008slavefordonna5 starsI love Goddess Donna. I will do anything she asks of me. She is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is smart, funny and so sexy. I can't wait for my next call

 I've had a bunch of new callers this week...

Around 9:30 I got an email from "Sr"  asking....
Do you have any fun games you like to play?

I replied and we started doing pay-to-view emails....   the "fun game" I decided to play with Sr had him stroking - paying - and begging to cum...... for Five Hours:)  It wasn't until around 2:30 in the morning that I finally let him release:)

JH sent me an email and a tribute a couple weeks ago...  but it wasn't until about a week later that we started talking and I started teasing him with pay-to-view emails.  I ended up teasing him with cleavage pics for 3 days while making him pay (of course making the emails cost more and more) and Not letting him cum:)
1Ryan-2tg.jpg picture by belladaisy27
8/21/20085 stars Wow, just WOW! So, so hot.
8/21/20085 stars Simply amazing. She is the most gorgeous woman on here and extremely seductive to boot.
8/21/20085 stars So seductive, so hot. Her cleavage is almost hypnotic and so hard to say no to.
8/22/20085 stars Mouth watering and perfect. It is very hard to say no to her, no matter how much you try.
8/22/20085 stars It seems the more I try to fight, the more pressure she applies and forces me to give in. Her beauty and seductiveness are a very dangerous combination. I know I SHOULD resist and say no, but somehow she makes me see it differently.
8/22/20085 stars I am getting caught in her seductive web. I know I should get out while I still can, but she keeps pulling me in deeper with her beauty and teasing.
8/23/20085 stars So amazing, so perfect, so overwhelming. Just when you think you are starting to think clearly, she hits you with something else and pulls you in deeper.
8/23/20085 stars Too hot for words, too seductive to be believed, almost too perfect to be real...but she is real.
8/23/20085 stars She is attempting to completely wrap me in her web now, and she is winning the battle. My fighting only seems to get me caught more.

After taking a little break from NiteFlirt...My Mikey's back to calling me a few times a week:)
8/24/2008mikemjd275 starsThis beautiful Italian Princess has me completly addicted
8/22/2008mikemjd275 starsi'm back again, i can't get enough of my Perfect Princess Bella! 
8/19/2008mikemjd275 starsSmart, Sweet, Sexy, Seductive and REAL! Bella is Perfection Defined! 



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