belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I know I don't update my journal as much as I used to...  I've been super busy the past few weeks and haven't had the time...  but I do appreciate  all your emails asking for updates;)

Last night SissyJilly emailed me

SJ: Goddess,  i have not cum or stroked in 5 days because i haven't had permission to. What should i do???

-Keep stroking....  no cumming ;)

You are so kind Goddess for letting me stroke.  Hopefully i will be able to cum soon, but before You let me.  My balls are aching sooo bad right now.  i love reading Your blog Goddess and one of the reason why is the pictures You send to losers with humiliating things on the little board.  Can i please have a ppv picture of You Goddess?

$10 Pay-to-View:  NO  CUMMING!  but feel free to keep stroking;)
tg-SissyJilly.jpg picture by belladaisy27
((     don't mind the wet hair;)      ))

SJ:  Goddess,  You are so amazingly sexy.  It's no wonder when i call i can barely speak to You.  i love clicking that send payment button

$10 Pay-to-View:  Since you love it so much - keep going!
tg-SissyJilly-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

SJ:  Goddess, W/we both know i can't say no to You.  Of course i will keep going.

$10 Pay-to-View:  Are you....
-stroking for Me?

SJ:  Yes i am Goddess.  i want to cum so bad.  Is there anyway You will let me??? What do i have to do??

$10 Pay-to-View: I'll...
-have to think about that...  but for now -- keep stroking Sissy!

SJ: Thank You so much Goddess.  i am constantly on the verge of cumming, but i will not until You say i can.  This denial makes me so submissive towards You Goddess

$10 Pay-to-View: It's...
-great isn't it?  I love owning your cock!

SJ:  It's so much better this way.  It will make sure my focus stays on You at all times. 

(I got busy with callers)
$10 Pay-to-view:  What...
-are you doing in between emails?  Are you still stroking?

SJ: i'm stroking to Your pics and slideshow. my sissy dick is so hard and throbbing in pain.  i want to cum so bad

$10 Pay-to-View:  I ...
-I bet you do ;) lol   and yet... I'm not ready to let you cum :)

SJ:  Thank You so much Goddess for taking my money and denying me the whole time.  i truly love Your sexy cruelty

$10 Pay-to-View:  I'd love to...
- lock your sissy dick up  then tease you with my sexy feet :)

SJ:  Nothing would be better Goddess.  Please lock me up and tease me with Your perfect feet. 

5 starsBella is truly a Goddess and will take control from the first second you hear Her sexy voice. Be careful 
5 starsBella is all i can think about. She is absolutely perfect. If you spend a penny anywhere but on this Goddess, you are wasting your money.  
5 starsShe is very efficient in taking money, keeping you hard, and making you thank Her for every wonderful second of it. Phone calls, ppvs, stroking, no cumming. i am in love with this Goddess 
5 starsThank You Goddess for taking my money and letting me know exactly how much of a loser and pathetic i am. You are the best 


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