belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Last night was super busy... it started out with a call from MG for some humiliation and light cbt (light because he didn't last very long;) lol

Then Teddy called to check in like he does every night.  We talked for an hour and I had him send a $50 Tribute.

1HotBoy also called with his nightly check in and tribute:)

My Mikey called for a half hour, but once wasn't enough so he ended up calling back again:)
5 starsWow! That was one awesome call! Highly recommended...She knew all the right buttons to push. Very creative....10 stars!  
5 starsFantastic as always. Beautiful, smart, and addictive!!! i cant get enough of this beautiful sexy woman.  

JH wanted to call last night, but had to wait over an hour for me to get off a call I was already on.   I told him he could send a $20 tribute and start stroking while he waited.   After reading about all the games I played with $cotty the other night, JH has been wanting to try it out...

JH:  remember when you told me that you weren't dangerous and i had nothing to worry about talking to you? boy was i foolish to believe you
Bella: lol
JH: do you think we could play a game tonight?
Bella:  sure, I'll turn my cam line on - you can call in a couple minutes
Bella:  so what do you want to play? $ guessing games? Yahoo games?
JH: oh boy. alright, since im still easing into this, want to play some games on yahoo since it might actually give me a chance to beat you in something lol?
Bella:  if you lose - you send a $20 Tribute and no matter what we play - you stroke the whole time;)
JH:  ok but i can't talk  would it be ok if i call and just sit the phone down and type to you?
Bella:  sure that's fine with me, you'll need both your hands free to play my game anyway;)

We started out with a game of tic-tac-toe - he lost the first 3 games in a row - that cost him $60 :)
JH:  wow this is very hard to concentrate, i cant stop staring at you on cam. its hard to focus on the game

Then we switched over to pool because I either kept winning or it was a draw.
He did beat me a couple times- but I won most of the games and that cost him $80 :)

5 starsPerfect, perfect, perfect. Not sure there is anything else to say. When you look at her and she tells you to do something, be prepared to do it because you won't be able to fight for long.
5 starsFighting doesn't seem to work, resisting doesn't seem to work. Giving in seems to be the only possible answer. 
5 starsI can't seem to beat her. I want to, I'm trying my best to, but no matter what I do, it seems she's just that much better and more in control and ends up winning. 

Stroking for hours....over an hour long cam call -  an extra $160 in Tributes... and still... No Cumming:)

As you know - callers come and go.... I expect it - there's about a thousand girls on NiteFlirt.   I almost always welcome them back to serve me.  Well a few months ago one caller "YC"  got involved with another NF girl who is the type that says her callers can only call her - no one else - etc.   I'm sure some people are into that - but it's just not my style... if you guys wanted another nagging wife - you wouldn't be on  here looking for me.  So  he gets this crazy idea in his head that I'm going to "fight" for him and prove myself as to why he should call me and not her.  He literally asked me to make my case as to why he should pick me.  LOLLLL     to which I replied...  Are you fucking kidding me???  I'm on the phone and have 2 people waiting with arranged calls...   call her - have fun.'re  blocked  don't waste my time....

So a few nights ago he IM's be on Yahoo...
YC:  i really thought i was staying away for good
(I ignored him)
Then the next night:
YC:  r u around?
(again I ignored him)
Last night:
YC: i can't stop thinking about you
YC: i thought i was free
YC: but obviously i'm not
Bella:  what happened to that other girl?
YC: long since forgotten
YC: r u busy?
Bella: yes
YC: should I just come back tomorrow?
YC:  well looks like you just decided to ignore me and go to bed
YC:  can I please just have a few minutes of your attention?
YC: how much of a tribute should I send
Bella: how bad do you feel for being a complete dick
YC: very bad
Bella: then I guess I'll be getting a nice tribute
YC: what is "nice"?
Bella: surprise me
YC: you know I do better with being told
Bella: send me $100, apologize for being an ass - and thank me for even talking to you after the way you acted...... or - have a nice night
YC:  done

Dear BellaDaisy22,
yc has sent you a Tribute in the amount of $100.00.
Here's what yc has to say:
I apologize for being an ass and I thank you for even talking to me

YC: how do you wanna do this?
Bella: what are we doing?
YC: you tell me
Bella: I was just taking your money -- what were you thinking?
YC: well yeah, but how do you wanna take it
YC: I tell you to send it - and you do
YC: simple but effective
Bella: watch....
Bella: send me a $20 tribute
Bella: go
YC: sent
Bella:  see   wasn't that fun
YC: of course
Bella: I enjoyed it
YC: im glad


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