belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I didn't realize it's been a whole week since I updated....

Let's see... where to start....    

Teddy has been such a good boy - checking in every single night... calling and sending tributes:)

I've been talking to $cotty just about every night too.  We've been playing lots of $$$ games.  he also bought some presents from my wishlist, including the inflatable Christmas decoration I mentioned in my journal last week.

JJ my $hopping $lave has been buying a lot lately too:)  As usual sneaking online long enough to buy some presents while his wife is in the shower.

JH has been playing a lot of games this week too.  He came up with a new way to play - but that ended up costing him more than my original plan and it's been well over a week since he was allowed to cum:)
5 starsSexy, seductive, commanding, and impossible to resist. What else could you ask for? 
5 starsDon't bother going elsewhere. Do yourself a favor and contact her- you will NOT regret it. 
5 starsTrying to fight her is like trying to swim upstream- you're better of not bothering, because in the end you will not succeed and will fall under her spell. 

Lion took a few days off... but he couldn't resist any longer and is right back where I like him.... stroking and paying... $50 tributes:)  We agreed that I wouldn't make him send more than $150. a night...  of course he's begging to cum and tries to send more...  I'll take his money, but he's not cumming!  I think it's going on 6 days now:)

Tanline signed on to say hi... and of course send his $45 Monthly Tribute that pays for Hollywood Tans:)

My sissy bitch Damian called all dressed up for a half hour cam call.  He was ready to go in his sexy black lingerie.  I had him put on makeup, then grab his dildo and show me what a good cock sucker he is.  In between sucking cock I made him tie up his balls with a rubber band, slap his ass with a big wooden spoon, and put clips on his nipples ...  he's such a big baby when it comes to the clips - so I didn't make him keep them on long, but I made him slap his ass harder when he got to take them off.  After that it was back to sucking cock until his room mate came home and he had to rush to get out of his sissy clothes:)
5 starsDoes She not absolutely kick ass? Beautiful and demeaning, as always...the only woman i'd suck cock for. 

Loser Mark emailed me and we did a few pay-to-view emails before he snuck in the bathroom to call me.   He couldn't stop thinking about sucking tranny cock and had to call so I could laugh at him.


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