belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Albie sucks...

JJ my $hopping  $lave, Lion, and $cotty bought me a bunch of wish list presents the past few days:) 

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Chicago Mikey has been calling a lot again...  entertaining me with his lastest stories of  gay Speedo wrestling and  of course  his love of master Brad's big cock.

I haven't heard from Loser Mike from Chicago in a few weeks... but he's back and called a couple times this week.   Just like Chicago Mikey....he seems to get "gayer"  everytime we speak;)
5 starsi love ,love, love my princess! i was lost , now im back home. 

Teddy is still being a good boy... calling to check in twice a night and sending a tribute:)

I've been playing a lot of tease & denial Tribute games with $cotty which are always a lot of fun:)

Loser Mark has been sneaking in calls and fucking his couch more than ever lately.  LOL Loser!

JH just can't seem to beat me in Yahoo games...  that's been costing him $100 in tributes every night :)  Hmm maybe it has something to do with the fact that I make him stroke the whole time?;)
5 starsOn a scale of 1-10, she is a 50. If you think you can try to resist her, beat her, or somehow stay out of her web, know that you are wrong and she will win. 
5 starsBeautiful, stunning, gorgeous, seductive, amazing...all of these describe her, but perhaps the one that sums it up best is PERFECT. 
5 starsSimply the best, no questions asked and no doubt about it. 
5 starsPerfect? Yes. Seductive? Yes. Mesmorizing? Yes. Simply the best? Without question. 
5 starsWonderful, amazing, perfect, seductive. If you haven't called her, do so immediately. You will not regret it. 
5 starsDon't look elsewhere, don't bother searching around. You have found THE BEST, and you need to call her now. She is perfect and oh so seductive. 

Peyton has been calling a lot this week to get on his knees and worship my feet.

UK Foot Fetish Perv Dave was back with tributes and a nice long call:)
5 starsPincess Donna delves into my PiggyBank Account, and i love it. i cannot resist, i can only oink, oink, how i love so much being Her PayPiggy 
5 starsHot Corporate Secretary Donna had mailboy me kneeling in Her boss' office, tributing ALL my measly paycheque for Her amusement - the whole thing's done now & i'm rendered a helpless puddle at Her feet. Can't wait till next payday!! 

My Mikey is back to calling and tributing like he should :)
5 starsBeautiful, smart, and addictive!!! i cant get enough of this beautiful sexy woman. 

I had some great calls with an old blast from the past Dan this week:)
5 starsExcellent call. Very sweet voice, great personality  
5 starsA must call. Very soft and sensual voice can listen to her for hours.  


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