belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Loser Mark emailed me....

LM:  what's up tonite Princess?

$5 pay-to-view:  anyminute now...
-your cock ... and my NF $$$ balance ;)

LM:  why must I click pay when you send me a note...r u on yahoo tonite?

$5 pay-to-view:  because I'm the Princess and you're the Loser!!  start rubbing that cock  tranny lover!

LM:  u r fuckin killing me...not much left in the account....saving for a call

(I like how he adds that in there... like I'm going to stop sending pay-to-views lol)

$5 pay-to-view:  loser!

LM:  watching a vid of a tranny jerking off..the cum shot is almost here...

$5 pay-to-view:  I'm thinking.......
-you better eat all that cum!!!

LM: so fucking hot!

$5 pay-to-view:  tranny what......
-is the tranny jerking off -- or are you just jerking it at the sight of a big titted tranny???? hmmm I wonder    lol

LM:  i paused the vid - i want to open pay mail and cum as you laugh at me.  calling now Princess

$10 pay-to-view:  shame he/she's not shooting in your mouth!  keep stroking LOSER!

My Mikey's back to calling more often now    like he should:)
 5 starsi live to serve my Princess! Once you call her yourself you'll understand why! Thank you Princess 
5 starsBeautiful Bella always keeps me cumming back for more. I'm addicted 


JH is still losing while playing my games...  I really have no idea how long it's been since I let him cum.
5 starsWow, wow, wow. I can't say enough things about her. She is truly amazing and truly perfect and anyone would be lucky to have her seduce you. 


I've been having fun thinking up new ways to take TW's money:)  Go  Phil's !!
5 starswe were just mailing each other the next thing i knew i was 70$ being sucked out of my account what a rush 

Teddy is still checking in every single night like I told him to:)  Even when I take a night or 2 off from NiteFlirt he still does what he's told:)
5 starsThank God you're back Princess!! I know it was only a couple days, but I missed you soooo much! I hope you liked all the tributes I sent while you were out with your friends. 
5 starsI couldn't get Bella out of my head today.(like most days) All day at work I couldn't wait to come home and call my Princess. 
5 starsi don't know how she does it, but Bella can make even the most humiliating things sound sexy. Something about hearing Bella's sweet voice say such mean things drives me wild!! The Best!! 
5 starsThis is the 3rd time I'm calling Bella tonight......she's That Good!!! 
5 starsAmazing as always Princess - thank you for being so perfect! 

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