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Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:29 pm (UTC)
TAMPA BAY RAYS SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY! J Roll better focus, and Ryan better stop striking out and make contact-SHEESH! JMoyer better not age anymore anytime soon, and B Myers should seek some anger management therapy. What PBurrell will decide to show up?? and is Jason really Werthless?? and then there's Chase and his Led Zeppelin intro---come on buddy--your NOT a rockstar--just play ball already! How much does Joe Blanton really weigh anyway?? Dobbs/Feliz??--whatever!!!!
ShaneV--the best they got---but he's only ONE GUY, and Hawaiian at that!!!! A spam lover indeed. Kendrick, Madson, Durbin--if these 3 get into action---the Phillies are in BIG trouble!! Brad Lidge????? Implosion ready to burst!!! Played WAY over his head.
cause its LIKE THAT, and thats THE WAY IT IS!!!

Thats is all---SlickmanZ
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