belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Sucker Scott called quite a few times since I got back from vacation....  begging for more pics of my feet to worship.

$5 Pay-to-view:  2 pics of my French pedicured toes in Bermuda....



1HotBoy has been an extra good cuntboi sending nice tributes and never cumming without permission.


My Piggie M was back for more $$$ games....

tgpiggiem-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

tgpiggiem-3.jpg picture by belladaisy27


Loser Mark emailed me....

welcome back!
-thanks loser;)
LM: how were the pink beaches?
LM: like you...
- thanks :)
LM: who were u just talking 2?
-Chicago Mikey
LM:  what did that fuckin loser do without you?
$5 Pay-to-view: More Importantly...
-what did YOU do without me;) ?
LM:  saved a big fuckin load for when u came back!!!!!!!!!!!
$5 Pay-to-view: Then you...
should be stroking.....
LM:  that started a while ago....pre-cum already dripping from my loser cock
$5 Pay-to-view:  Don't...
waste it;)  lick it up loser!!
LM:  yes maam.....can i hide in the bathroom and call for a quickie????  I need to be quiet
$5 Pay-to-view:  Such...
-a loser;)
And he did....    called whispering from the bathroom hiding from his wife, while I told him what a pathetic loser he is and made him eat the cum  he was holding all week while I was in Bermuda:)

Lion gave in to his addiction and snuck a call last night.... eventhough his wife took control of the money and put him on a weekly allowance after seeing all his NF and Amazon transactions...  he still seems to find ways to call and stroke... but... no cumming for you Lion... better find more money to pay a Cum Fee!


$$cotty called for  2 hours of tease and denial....making him edge over and over again while sending $169 in Tributes:)

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