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More wishlist presents from Lion and $cotty...ggggggggggg.jpg picture by belladaisy27

London Loser called for 3 hours of the end of our call he ended up sending $420 in tributes:)

Chicago Mikey called a few times this week....  
5 stars
okay, so i was soooooo mad at Daisy's friend Master Brad...this time, i was NOT going to let him talk his way out of anything...i was going to put my foot down! And i did...for about 30 seconds, and then i was on my knees sucking Master Brad's Glorious, Mushroom Head (slurp) Cock...mmmmmm...why can't i resist his cock? <sniffle> 

5 stars 
okay, so first of all Daisy and i talked about what GREAT sex is like -- she's been getting it a lot more than i have, and i'm sooooo jealous <sniffle> least the subject of wrestling didn't come up this time -- i guess my poor little ass is safe from all those big studs (for now, anyway <giggle>) 

1HB has been tripling his normal nightly tributes lately... 
5 starsDonna owns me, and has owned me for over 5 years. Think about that for a minute!!!!!!!! 
5 starsThe most subtle sexiness ABOUNDS from wall to wall in BellaDaisyVille! She secretly plays naive--- but she's fucking hotter and smarter than you could EVER imagine in your wildest dreams!!! If you think you're gonna find this all out in a 2 minute wank job call--don't waste your time. This Princess is sophisticated, and deserves to be savored and explored slowly!! YUM YUM and Slurps galore await you.... 
5 stars 
She has one hand down my pants in the front, and a reacharound hand down my backside in my wallett!! She massages my cock with her voice, while her other hand opens and swipes my wallet's contents!!! A master expert if there ever was one! OH THE PLEASURE !!!!!!!!! Shivers up, and tingles down, my entire body, for Princess /Goddess/ SexQueen/ Sweetheart Donna! 

Loser Mark emailed me wanting to call...  he had to keep checking on his wife waiting for her to fall asleep so he could call.  Finally she fell asleep and the loser told me he knew he wasn't going to last more than 2 minutes.  Before he called I made him send a tribute for being so pathetic.  After the call ended Loser Mark sent another tribute because being a 2 minute wanker is not acceptable!

Sucker Scott has been calling every day... 2 - 3 times a day to worship my feet.
5 starsshe deserves to be rich!! 
5 starsHer body and voice are heaven-like!! 


A few nights ago SR emailed me asking for a picture...   it quickly turned into pay-to-view emails while making him stroke....
Day 1    I had him stroking for 3 1/2 hours while paying $290 in PTV emails and No Cumming!
Day 2    he came back for more... this time stroking for an hour and $50 in PTV emails (No Cumming!)
Day 3    he found me on in the early afterenoon so of course I made him get an early start on stroking and edging...while opening $120 worth of PTV emails... 
he never did get to cum...  maybe I should be nice bbballs-1-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27



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