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How does Loser Mark celebrate the holidays??? 
With a jar of Marshmallow Fluff 51AJnbu0vzL__SL160_SS160_.jpg picture by belladaisy27
between his couch cushions livingroom-couch-636.jpg picture by belladaisy27  of course!!!

Yes the pastry fucker is at it again!   He "heard" sticking your dick in a jar of fluff gets great suction...   where do you losers come up with this stuff????????
*I wonder how many of you are going to try it!!??  LOLLLL


I was a bit annoyed with 1HB  the other day... even though he's been tripling his normal tributes I think he just needed a good slap to get him in line...   I made him stand up, drop his pants and start smacking his ass!   Over and over and over again !  Then I made him sit down on his red welted ass and edge for Hours!!  No cumming for him!  I made him do that (along with tributes) every night for 4 days before finally letting him release...with a Cum Fee;)


Thank you  for all the wishlist presents you bought over the past month...  I had so many people to buy for and you guys did so much of my shopping for me!!

After Christmas I had JJ my $hopping $lave buy a couple things I had to get someone for a bday present.  Then $cotty and Loser Mike from Chicago bought me a present too:)

Per Chicago Mikey's request I added a pair of Under Armour boxers to my wishlist so he could buy them for..  as he puts it  my "Hot Stud Boyfriend" 


 I got a random email from $$lave Roy from Norway.... it had been almost a full Year since I heard from him ...

 "hi bella '
long time since
i give you one minute to use me as you want
from now"

 So I replied with a $20 pay-to-view   just saying HI ;)

Then I sent another email... for $30 that said...
hmm maybe I should have went for a hundred;)

So I sent a $50 ptv email.. making it $100 a minute:)

I sent another one after that, but he replied...  "sorry minutes up!"

I thought  well that was fun while it lasted ;)  but he wasn't done yet..  he came back a half hour later....saying  "let's do one more minute"

This time I went with $50 pay-to-view emails.
When that minute was up he wanted to add another minute...

$300 later  Norway Roy replied with.. "sorry broke you was so effective fuck"

-so much fun!

Roy:  300 on such a short time for doing nothing

-that's right   $300 in 2 minutes:)

Roy: yep thats the deal and im eager to do more for you

Roy:   if you only know how i will suffer without the $300
sorry  thank you for taking it from me


 Roy: thank you alot  for accepting my money  use it as you want
5 starsi was drunked and gived here my last $300 and it was done in 2 minutes. now i have to celebrate new year completely broke and hungry.... im stupid ... thanks hope you enjoy the money 


South Philly Cock Sucker called wanting his Christmas present....   his present being a big back dick in a box to suck!

Sucker Scott has been calling just about every day  begging for pics of my toes and soles of my feet..  After calling all week and paying for my pedicure, I finally let him open a pay to view of my pretty pink toes when I got home from the nail salon.



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