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##Jay## came back the past couple nights looking to be used.  We only spoke for a few minutes before he got off the phone, leaving me to think he wasn't enjoying the call.  Well he must have because as soon as he hung up he sent a Tribute for $46 thanking me.    I guess he just sent me what was left in his account. 
Well time to add to that account Jay because I was just getting started ;)
I had him open $10 Pay-to-View emails till I went to bed around 6:30 in the morning:)


SK   the former Property of Mistress Elizabeth called to give me the lastest update.   He's now serving a black Mistress who hates all white men and takes it out on him.  It's not That bad though... she did buy him a very posh dog bed from Dogmopolitan to sleep in ;)   lol


Chicago Mikey had been begging to buy my "hot stud boyfriend" a pair of Under Armour boxers.  They arrived yesterday and look how sweet... specially gift wrapped. lol  
My boyfriend's reaction when finding out where they came  from??   "FUCKING FAGGOT!"     that of course turned Mikey on even more.  LOL
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Loser Mike from Chicago and JJ My $hopping $lave bought me more wishlist presents.  Thanks guys!!

SR emailed me and I quickly make him start stroking.... and opening $10 Pay-to-View emails.  I made him stroke and edge for 2 nights in a row.      .. $350 later I let him cum ;)


I've been talking to Loser Mark just about every night over the past week.  He doesn't seem to be able to last long  while sneaking calls  so I always make him open pay emails...  he finally caught on and started tributing before he calls.   He was so looking forward to calling me after work tonight when he would be alone (and able to stop at a store to pick up something to hump)   but he had to work late and I had plans so looks like the Pastry Fucker will just have to wait till next week ;)


UK Rob was back for more $$$ & drinking  games.   He called on and off for 4 hours while I made him play games... drink.. and stroke.  After spending $475  I decided to be nice and let him finish ;)




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