belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I have  a new caller...I'll call him cock sucker D for now...
Like so many of you   he was  nervous to call, but I'm glad be finally picked up the phone  because I have been having so much fun humiliating him this week.  C.S. D is such a good little bitch -- I had him move his computer and webcam from his office to his living room so I could laugh at him while making him hump his futon.  Since he dreams of the day when I make him suck a real cock,  I  make him spend a lot of time on his knees.   Futon Fucker is really good with the tributes too... sending them after every call and also paying $50 every time I took a picture like this for him...
tgBitchDana1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

After thanking me over and over again and sending a couple more tributes tonight he told me he may not call again for a little while because he's going to TRY to take a break from NiteFlirt.   
Don't stay away too long D...hope to watch you make a fool of yourself for me very soon ;)

Chicago Mikey called me 6 times this week... he's been putting on his lil pink speedo for a  lot of  gay wrestling with Master Brad.. and of course Mikey loses every time:)
chicago mikey5 stars 
the good news = i lost 20 pounds, and now i have a jogging- thin body...the bad news = donna has lots of beefy, muscular friends who can easily kick my scrawny ass in wrestling...;-) 
YC kept IMing me asking if I'd put on my Hooters shirt for a cam call.  I was busy with other callers so he had to wait... but after a while I decided to put on the shirt, raise my rate to $10./min and let him call:)

London Loser  called for what he said was going to be a short chat because he was tired.... well our "short" call ended up lasting over 6 hours and an extra $600 in tributes.  He enjoyed  me humiliating him so much he sent  a $300 tribute the next morning:)

Loser Mark is still calling and tributing most nights of the week...  tonight he decided to sneak in a call while his wife was in the shower.  At first he ran in the bathroom real quick  to grab some lotion...  but  all of a sudden the loser was feeling extra brave and decided to finish  the call while hiding from his wife in the corner of the bathroom as I told him what a pathetic loser I think he is.

Tanline stopped by to say hi and pay my $45 monthly fee for Hollywood Tans, but  I ended up making him play a little drinking and stroking game.  Normally he loves pictures of my feet... but this time he kept asking me to take pics giving him the finger....

$125 later... here ya go Tanline...
tgtanline.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Piggie M has been back the past 2 nights to play some guessing games.... whenever I guess the right amount he has to double it.   He hasn't been winning very much... tonight I had him send $85 in Amazon gift cards.  We decided to take a break and wait until tomorrow night to play... since it's Pay Day there will be a lot more for me to win ;)


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