belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I didn't hear from UKFootPervDave for a few months so I sent him an email saying hello...
He apologized for being away so long and said he's been spending all his money on remodeling his flat.  Then he said he felt guilty because he did have some extra money saved up last month, but spent it on someone else.  I didn't think it was a big deal... I hadn't tried to contact him in a few months anyway, but he decided to send a $30 Tribute asking me not to blackmail him.  Blackmail him???  what?? I just emailed him to say hello....... but  since he brought it up I decided to tease him a little:)

After he paid  I told him to go leave feedback and hit another Tribute button while he was at it.

UKDave: i paid not to be blackmailed, so if i paid again..  i'd just be surrrendering to my deep Donna habit

Just pay it Dave.

UKDave:  althoug why surprised, i don't know.  i'm horny as hell.  we both know it

-Yes we do...which is why I'm sending you another $30 email :)

UKDave: but it'll just lead to pain  - addiction  - cock.       i resist - in this moment.. it would be bad.  i'll end up crying
-Oh come on silly, it's the last one for months (((ok I lied)))   I think I'm pretty good about not trying to suck you in on a regualr basis.

He paid.. and replied
UKDave: oh but when You just feel sooo good.   how much did i tribute in 2008? roughly?

-I'll go look it up -- send another $30 Tribute

UKDave: a payment, for Your administrative efforts. sounds very fair. even though i know You're on the cusp of f**king me.. in an albeit delicious comsuming way.  [goes to add money to nf account - more than $30 to add to account, You think?]

-I do.

UKDave:  that's bad..  i know You're going to f**k me, it's hard to resist.

$30 PTV mail:  you spent...
a little over $2,400 on me in the past 8 months.  Not bad foot$lave;)

((Then I got a call so he had to wait... ))

UKDave:  lucky caller dude is probably getting as addicted as me.  so what now Princess Donna? You want me to wait patiently? hornily? [is that a word?]  to suffer... without even a look in my silly direction.. let alone a cursory bone..
so do You have any plans now that You've got me here? or do You just want revenge for me ignoring You all these months?  or is there some other reason that i am here?

-LOL.. no Dave I'm not seeking revenge --  I don't think you were ignoring me.  I hadn't tried to contact you either.
I'm just having fun ;)

UKDave:  yes Princess Donna  thankYou xx [kisses Your feet - i wish]

-Do you like my feet Dave?

UKDave:  oh yes   i love all of you!

-Good cause I'm sending a pic.

UKDave:  yes Princess Donna [i'll ask to cum soon, but i really don't have enough $$ to give Princess Donna for that privilege]
[just whimpering like a dog now] thankYou Princess Donna for letting me be Your strokeslavefootfreak

Princess Donna demonstrated, again, that no matter how hard i try to resist, She can Always turn me over into Her bitchboy loser - even while She's multitasking!! Dictionary definition of "be careful what you wish for."

-How's that cock doing?

UKDave:  needy  thick  slick


UKDave:  oh yes!!

$30 PTV mail :  Good... keep stroking!

UKDave:  oh god Goddess   i'm needy.

$30 PTV mail:  I know...which is why I'm sending you another pay mail  with an added Cum Fee;)

UKDave:   oh thank You Donna. close   very close


UKDave:  what?????? removes cockjerking with some pain & difficulty.  why no???

-Just because ;)

UKDave:  i'm blueballed to such a state.   slavestate    Donna's strokeslave

$30 PTV mail:  stroke stroke stroke
UKDave:  You just had me pay a tribute to fuck me??  makes me stroke harder    can't think  just stroke.
UKDave:  can i cum?   please     bowing

-wouldn't you cum harder after paying my $30 pedicure tribute button?

UKDave:  You're... taking me to the cleaners.
UKDave:  yes Princess   paid   you have mail.

-and now YOU have mail.... (I sent another $30 Pay To View email)

UKDave:  i have to add to my account  from my piggybank  into Your hands - Your lovely, manicured, what i want wrapped around my cock [in my dreams!] hands

UKDave: paid.  yes [whimpers] thankYou for letting me perv & tribute at Your feet Princess Donna.
please princess may i cum?

-yes footwanker - now you can.

UKDave:  thank You Dea Donna       in a awe-addictive needy way  was mind, body blowing, cockbrainwashing    sheesh   i can't describe.
Was there a particular point You decided to have some reeal fun?  or did the thing just happen..?

-after you opened the first email ;)

UKDave:  You knew already i'd been phoning elsewhere - although i never said that i'd been blueballed.  regardless, how can any red-blooded male converse with You, without feeling the deep desire.  of course, not every man is a submissive perv such as myself, but You do... anyway i'm rambling

also, it's like i said 'i was horny as hell, so that's why i'm Your cockslave' for the record, i think this is not the case.  i honestly believe that had i been horny as hell or even just recently laid [& a good one at that], i'm forever prone  to You.

anyhoo, i should toddle off. good afternoon/evening, and thanks again.. always [sheesh i'm financially f**ked & thanking You for it. must have it bad]


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