belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

My favorite faggy cock sucking wrestler Chicago Mikey has been calling a lot as usual...   I've been looking for new outfits for him to wear to his next match....   I'm thinking  it definitely has to be PINK...  jock strap....  thong....   

5 stars
 So lately Donna's been talking trash about how she could kick my ass in an arm-wrestling match (which i'm pretty sure she could)...does this officially make me her bitch?
 5 stars
 okay, so Donna's got a new interest...a hot, cut, buff, studly wrestler i'm prrrretty sure she wants to have kick my ass <eek!>
 5 stars
 So, what is this stud wrestler's name?'ll have to call Donna to ask her! <giggle>
 5 stars
 All i know is that Donna wants this studly man to kick my scrawny little ASS!!!
 5 stars
 Ever hear Donna's sexy giggle? Just imagine hearing it with a studly male wrestler pinning your biceps to the mat, his glorious package shoved into your face! (now you know how i feel!)
 5 stars So now Donna is looking up all kinds of painful wrestling holds on the Internet...not to use herself, but to coach other studly men to apply to poor, little old me!


I have a new caller "fartboy Sean"...pronounced SEEN  not Shawn ;)   Sean is a loser faggot...a dirty cum whore  who is going to be spending a lot of time on his knees sucking  Big Black Cock!!

fartboy5 stars
The most amazing girl of all time!!! I am her little loser fagit fartboy for life!!! 


My sissy bitch Damien was back with new slutty lingerie and make up....   he looked so pretty in his matching pink lace bra and panties  and sexy thigh highs.  I made him get out his bag of goodies... wooden spoon, rope, dildo, ribbon, nipple clips,  etc...   I made him take the pink ribbon and tie a pretty bow around his sissy dick....  wrap his balls nice and tight with pantyhose...  reapply the lipstick on his cock sucking mouth... get on his knees and get to work on that dildo.  After a lot of cock sucking...ass spanking... outfit changes...edging....and more cock sucking,    I made him prop his mouth open with Q-tips and cum all over his loser self.  Next he has to buy a squirting dildo for more humiliation ;)
5 starsWonderful. Enjoys making You suffer for her. 


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