belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

First I want to thank JJ My $hopping $lave for quickly buying me awesome seats to a couple Phillies games this morning.  Can't wait to watch the Phils beat the Mets (and the Braves;)

Piggie M was back last night for more money games...  he ended up sending $50 in Amazon gift certificates and bought me the Phillies t-shirt from my wishlist.   

Tank is FINALLY back from Iraq!  It seems like he was over there forever and although he couldn't call, he was such a good bitch and still snuck onto NiteFlirt to send me emails, tributes, and pictures.
He loved all the mean things I said to him (and although I felt a little guilty making him pay $100 for every email while he's over there serving our country...  he told me it gave him something to look forward to ... so what's a girl to do???...   Tell him how I couldn't wait to have him back here in purple panties   sucking cock for me of course!!    
He called a couple nights ago and I had him stroke that little pencil dick for 45 humiliation filled minutes before making him jerk off all over his loser face!    He was back again tonight to do it all over again:)

I had a new caller who told me he wanted to be a forced sex slave.  Right away I thought he meant forced to be a cock sucker since that's what most of you faggots want... but no, he had a different idea and asked if I'd play along....   sure why not ;)
So it ended up with me tricking him into coming back to my house thinking he was going to get lucky... but instead he ends up tied to the bed where he will be used over and over again as a sex slave for women.  Like a living sex toy here for our enjoyment...   keeping him rock hard with Viagra while shooting novacaine in his dick to make it numb.  Poor John had all these hot girls sitting on his face and riding his cock, but he couldn't feel a thing!!    

Loser Mark sent me a tribute that said "You know why" right before he called.
Yes I do loser... because that pastry fucking cock can't go more than 2 minutes without cumming!

When he called he got right into loser position.... on his knees - loser dick between the couch cushions - and started humping away as I laughed at him and told him over and over again how pathetic he is!

I have a new sub who found me through YouTube and has been IMing me on Yahoo...  He's a married paypig who said he wants to be blackmailed and serve me long time.   We've  been chatting a little bit, but I told him I wasn't going to waste my time talking to him till I see he's for real.   Since he's married he doesn't like to do any online transactions.. no problem..  he can fill up my Greendot card!
He's practically begging to be blackmailed...  so I said fine.. Tell Me What I Want To Know!!   ... and he did, like a good bitch he had his and his wife's Driver's Licenses scanned and ready to send.  After I had their names, addresses, and photos,  he sent his phone number and both of their cell numbers too.
He promised to send money early tomorrow morning and asked if I could be online around 8am.   Uhhh yea.. that's a little too early for me since most night's I'm up till 4am playing with you losers.    Pay Piggie better email me the Greendot info in the morning or have it to me by the time I  sign on at night...if not,  I guess I'll have to start calling those phone numbers;)


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