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**Update on my new blackmail bitch**   
So as I mentioned yesterday... I have a new blackmail bitch who found me on YouTube and has a "big boob fetish".  I know some of you evil bastards were hoping he didn't pay up so I would have to call his wife, but he was waiting for me online this morning when I signed on around 10:30.  

pay pig G: hi my blackmailing Goddess
pay pig G : are you going to enjoy this?
Bella: very much loser
Bella: how much is this greendot for?
pay pig G:  $100
Bella: nice
pay pig G: i'll do the $125 next friday
Bella: ok
pay pig G: i guess you own me now
Bella: YES I do
pay pig G:  i'm fucked i know
Bella: lol
Bella: yes you really are
pay pig G: i know you're going to make me regret this
Bella: no I think you'll enjoy it
pay pig G:  i probably will
pay pig G: i love your boobs so much
Bella: they're nice aren't they ;)
pay pig G:  so beautiful
pay pig G:  my wife is a 32d but they are fake
Bella: LOL
pay pig G: i know.
Bella: I'm a 38 D... and they are
Bella: Not fake
pay pig G:  they look so full
Bella: yes they are
pay pig G:  love them
Bella: you should
Bella: they're amazing
Bella:  I have to get going loser, will you be on later?
pay pig G: i'll try.. it depends on when my wife will get home from work
Bella: ok
pay pig G:  bye Goddess
That was too easy...    I'm off to the nail salon, I'll be on NiteFlirt around 8 or 9pm (eastern)