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Oct. 19th, 2007

 -Loser Tony  from Boston wanted to watch the game...  but since the Phillies aren't in it anymore, I made him sit by his computer all night and watch my tv shows.   I made him keep me updated on my shows while I was taking calls.  I'm sure the last thing LT wanted to watch was the Hills and Celebrity Rap Superstar on Mtv, but like a good $lave... he sat there for 3 hours sending tributes with the updates every time a call ended:)

-Loser Neal sent a $50 tribute for a Cam call...  I love giving him blue balls and making him pay an extra cum fee :)

-I sent Pet Matt a $50 payment request...  just because I knew he'd open anything I sent him;)

 -Ball Slave Mark called for a lil cbt...  he brought along his toolbox for the call:)