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"B" came back looking to be "hypnotized"...  he has a thing for big boobs, French manicured fingers, and shiny objects.  Once I started sending the Pay-to-View pics he couldn't open them fast enough...and quickly handed over $85 :)
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Chicago Mikey was back again last night...   we talked about how Master Brad is still too scared to take his calls.  Mikey left a message for me to give to Brad....
Master Mike says prepare yourself bitch!

Then we started talking more about my favorite wrestling subject - Mike Columbo - unfortunately MC is gay:(  but he is HOT!!!!  I can't wait to see the pics of Mike's bulging biceps next to Chicago Mikey's scrawny runners arms.

Sucker Scott called back.. he's called just about every night this week...awww poor Scott,  his friends are skiing in Tahoe this week, but he couldn't afford to go... because he spends all his money on ME! 

Loser Mark called  last night... first he sent some tributes (because he's a minute man) then he snuck a call from his favorite spot in the basement....while his wife was right above him doing dishes in the kitchen.  I laughed and told him over and over again what a couch fucking loser I think he is.