belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I'm going on 2 vacations next month and I expect My loyal subbies to pay for it!

I'll be in South Beach for a 4 day "Girl's Weekend"
xNeon_Nightlife_South_Beach_Miam-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Then I'm headed to Vegas for a week....
zvegas-1-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Loser Mike from Chicago has been spending a lot of time on his couch lately...basically he acts like he fell asleep watching tv so he can sneak in a call to me while his wife's in the bedroom.  He sent me a message before he called...

LM: hi princess, sleeping on couch here in living room.
-good, so you can call.
LM: please include me in the journal, ill sleep on the couch more often.
LM: we can start the ""couch club"" losers who jerk off so they dont have to sleep with their fat wives .

Chicago Mikey called back and we had a nice long chat about what's in store for "Master Brad"
chicago mikey5 starsUmmm, definitely not "beer balls"...I can't wait to meet brad the bitch on the mats...he knows the holds, he knows the moves, he knows the stakes...his ass is MINE! 

Sucker Scott called back a few more times....   jerking off to me laughing at him for spending what little money he has left  (he's looking for a new job) on me...paying for my pedicures and calling my recordings that he's heard so many times before.  Then I made him cum all over his big black dildo and suck it clean.


On to some of my non- NiteFlirt subs and losers....

My blackmail bitch G who found me on YouTube decided that not only was he not going to send the $125 he promised on Friday, but he's also going to ignore me.
I sent him a friendly email Thursday night reminding him that Friday is Pay Day and I expect the $125 waiting for me when I sign on Friday morning.   So Friday came and went, Saturday the same reply.     So Saturday night  around midnight I called G's cell phone twice... it went straight to voicemail...  I left him a message....
Hi (Gxxxx) this is Donna, Bella Daisy, or Goddess Donna to you.  I don't know why you're ignoring my emails, but I didn't forget about the $125  that should have been paid yesterday.  I guess the only thing I can do now is call your wife.  I wonder what (Vxxxx) will say when I tell her what you've been doing online while she's at work?   I'm sure I'll talk to you soon..... bye bye

About an hour later he sent me an email saying his wife has been staying home sick from work so he hasn't been able to get online or send the money. 

Maybe it's true.. maybe not... maybe he just wants to see if I'm for real?  
I told him he has until Tuesday morning to send the money (with an added late fee) or I'm going to call his wife's cell phone and their house

UK cuck signed on to ask me about all my new blackmail callers and if I "outed" anyone yet.   I told him I've been collecting a lot of info from a lot of different guys, but everyone has been good about paying on time.. except "G".  Cuckie wanted me to out him right away.. but I decided to take it slow and start with his cell phone...    that's when I made Cuckie send me $280 for the privilege of being on a 3-way call and listening in when I called G's cell phone and left the voicemail.


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