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Happy Friday everyone..  this week flew by... $$$$especially since I double what I normally average per week ;) $$$$

I decided to come on early this afternoon and collect some new callers.
Unfortunately I got off to a bad start when " Master B" called my anything goes line.   Now since it's my ANYTHING & EVERYTHING line..  I have to ask what you're into... PLEASE people - when I ask you that... do NOT say -- "anything"... because I'll turn you into my sissy slut, when that's the last thing you had in mind!!  So after a few more questions, that were like pulling teeth - B said he's  Dominant on the phone.   
Ummmm  yea - that's not gonna work for me sweetie - there's nothing submissive about me.  (I guess I should state that on my listing;)
So we talked for another minute or so and he hung up.       

Ok so 2 things -- 
1) when I ask what you're into  or what you're in the mood for -- JUST TELL ME!  You know Exactly what you're looking for - just say it and let the fun begin - instead of making me guess from a thousand different things and then the call sucks.
2) Don't ever try to Dominate me loser!  It just won't work :)

Then another new caller - Justin - called for a strap-on session...   see how nice things go  when you know you're place:)

*Al - another wish list present arrived today..  thanks S.E. ;)